The Sweetest of Peas

While shopping for ‘bedding plants’ (take two) I bought this small trellis.

garden trellis

Garden trellis

It was an afterthought.  I spotted it as I was checking out, fell in love and grabbed it. Now it’s the focal point of the curb garden. Funny how things work out.

The long, narrow bed definitely needed some height and character. Originally I thought I would accomplish that with one large plant, but I’m really liking this alternative.

I planted garden peas from seed in late August, and they’re already three feet tall. The first of the blooms arrived this week, which means delicious, garden-fresh peas will soon follow. As fall descends and the tomatoes go fallow, it’s delightful having this little garden oasis.

Peas on the trellis

Peas on the trellis

Flowering peas

Flowering peas

pea flower

A pea is sure to follow

Work on my Halloween costume continues. Here is a sneak peek at my costume inspiration: this beautiful piece of art by our good friend over at Boomdeeadda. Isn’t it stunning?

Halloween Countdown:


Just a couple of bloggers, wearing wigs and smiles before tea.

Boomdee Crafts

Costume inspiration close-up

7 thoughts on “The Sweetest of Peas

  1. Snicker, I still laugh when I see us in those wigs and think about it coming off in the parking lot. (( you )) are a dear to feature it and link back. Thank you, thank you!

    I can’t wait to see you all dressed with that perfect wig and all your handy work. Oh and your bargain shoes too. You’ve collected all the perfect accoutrement, I would never have dreamt you could re-imagine a scrapbook illustration :D, You’re a talented gal Alys xo.

    I like that your garden has another level, the pea trellis looks perfect there. Everything is coming along so well. Your pavement looks damp, did it FINALLY rain?


  2. When I grew sweet peas in Burbank, they never made it to the dinner table, much less out of the garden. ( I ate them standing there) But I didn’t have the sweet trellis. Loved it the first time I saw it on your blog.. The artwork in the card is stunning as always. One of those bloggers has a LOT of freckles on her arm. Wonder who that is? 😉


    • LOL, Marlene. It’s hard to remain anonymous when you have freckles. They’ve followed me everywhere my whole life. I’ve finally learned to accept them.

      I can relate to the habit of eating right off the vine. Half of the cherry tomatoes I grew this summer were consumed the same way.

      Here art work is stunning. So is yours. I’m surrounded by creativity and I love it.


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