Nature’s Costumes: All Set for Halloween

Our kitties are all set for Halloween. They’ve gone the simple route with their costumes, unlike yours truly who likes to complicate things. I managed to alter a pattern and cut the pieces to my dress this weekend, but with my husband traveling out of the country and my busier-than-usual work schedule, I’m down to the wire.  And speaking of wire, our wireless connection went down as soon as he left town.  Nothing makes me feel dumber than trying to trouble shoot modems, routers, wireless connections and the like.

I studied theater arts in college, with an emphasis in costume design, so it’s fun to dust off my sewing skills once a year.  Halloween is the perfect time of year.  So, I’m sticking to the things I do know (sewing and gardening) and through the magic of mobile phones, our internet is finally up and running.

With that wireless business behind me, I’m back to focusing on costumes.

First up, Mouse the Mighty. I know, I know, he’s not even my cat but try telling him that.  Here he is sporting his Inspector Clouseau costume.

My sweet Lindy is taking the softer approach. Here she dons a head full of strawberry plants for that special Strawberry Shortcake look.

Slinky Malinki is all dressed in black. She’s emulating the children’s story book of the same name: Slinky Malinki…

Beijing is a teenager, and a tired one at that. She’s sitting out the whole costume thing this year, preferring instead to monitor the treats. She’s a natural.

Beijing on the sill

Beijing, the teenager

What’s in a name:

Mighty Mouse: He’s named by our neighbor’s daughter.
Lindy: She came home from the Humane Society already named. We also call her Lindy-Lu.
Slinky Malinki:  Once a stray. We named her after a slinky black cat in a children’s story book of the same name.
Beijing:  Also once a stray.  My son named her Beijing, because she’s neither white nor orange, but beige.

Halloween Countdown:

chocolate pumpkin

Chocolate pumpkin. This tasty morsel was a gift from my Pilates instructor. Yes, I do see the irony in this.

20 thoughts on “Nature’s Costumes: All Set for Halloween

  1. Oh what fun! Well, not the Internet crash part. But leave it to you, so resourceful and creative, to slog your way through the mess, and come out in full regalia. I adore the collection of cat costumes! Charming! Thanks for providing the sources of their names, too. I’d been curious. I’m looking forward to seeing your own costume creation for this year!


  2. You’re adorable, and the kitties are all so very clever with their costumes too 😉 “Detective Clouseau!” LOL, exactly. Lindy-Lu made me laugh too 😀 Did she just decide to take a break on the way thru the garden? It amazes me some of the places they decide to nap. Sweet Beijing, that would seem so uncomfortable yet she’s obviously perfectly content. It also baffles me how all your lovely kitties co-exist and find their own special spots. Boomdee’s diva’s are so spoilt 😀 (Bad Boomdee) Slinky has sure made a lot of progress, she’s probably never been so loved xox.

    I love that your Pilate’s instructor keeps things in perspective, no need to deny yourself a little joy! Very nicely done too. xoxo Sending snuggles to all, especially you my dear ❤


    • Well said Boomdee – that photo of the Inspector is just so perfectly timed! Also, I must add, not ‘Bad Boomdee’ more ‘fortunate felines’………. they know how to pick the right people 🙂 – just look at Mighty Mouse as an example….. All our kitties are well blessed 🙂


    • Our poor “Detective” is limping today. I’m working with a neighbor to figure out why.

      As for Lindy Lu, she totally cracks me up. She just sauntered over to the strawberry plants and stuck her head in. A moment later she was gone.

      Beijing does look uncomfortable, but she chooses that spot on occasion and seems to like it. Another ‘go figure’ in feline land.

      Snuggles back at you, my dear.


      • Oh no Clouseau! Not serious I hope. Maybe landed a jump a little off. Between you and Sharon, your Vet will probably retire early. Our previous cat, ‘Paco’ was limping once and I found a sticky weed spur really deep in between his little toes. I guess you probably have done all that though.Sending hugs.


        • You know I thought it might be just that. Those fox tales are terrible for animals. I had a cat one get one under her palate.

          We palpated his foot and couldn’t find any evidence of one but he was so tender footed for two days. It could be a strain of his shoulder. Today it is noticeably better, thank goodness.


  3. Can’t wait to see your costume! [Which means I’m expecting to see a full photo shoot 🙂 ]
    Great to see the genesis of your kitty names – always so interesting. D’you know I once had the nickname of ‘Beijing’. When teaching I used to sign my initial and surname – which when read out loud says ‘Peking’. A dear colleague roared with laughter when he noticed it and ever after I was ‘Beijing’. Your posts have a talent for reminding me of stories about me – oh dear, is that an ego problem I see before me?? Have a happy Halloween – or a scary one, whichever is more appropriate 🙂


    • I LOVE that your nickname is Beijing. What a great story, Pauline.

      If my blog reminds you of your own stories, I take that as a compliment. It’s all about the conversation.

      Happy and scary are both appropriate this time of year. My husband is carving our pumpkins now. Tomorrow is the big day.


  4. Aw, so nice to meet all of your cats!!! I actually didn’t realize you had so many cats, I only knew of one and your neighbour friend. They are so beautiful! Kitty has his Hallowe’en costume all ready to go for the big day!


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