Dressing The Table on Thanksgiving Day

New Zealand Flax with Grasses

New Zealand Flax with Grasses

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrated today. Our day flew by. We spent the morning in a flurry of cooking (Chef Mike) and cleaning (that would be me) but took a few moments to toast each other with a glass of champagne. It was a gorgeous fall day, with bright skies and moderate temps. We couldn’t have asked for better.

I promised to share a photo of my tall arrangement (if it turned out). Though the New Zealand Flax has brilliant shades of orange and peach, it seemed a bit bland. I added tall grasses for movement and shape, but it still lacked color. I was okay with it, but when my husband went out for olive oil, he brought back a bunch of deep red chrysanthemums. Their brilliant color really made the arrangement pop. I had enough leftover to make two small groupings for the table.

New Zealand Flax with Mums

New Zealand Flax with and mums

The smaller mums, mixed with the last of the dried Allium and a few greens worked well together.  The dried Allium has an almost silver look.  I’m glad I saved so many seeds. I’m looking forward to growing more of it next spring.

Interspersed with the flowers, are small pumpkins. We had a few small ones left over from Halloween.  I added my new velvet pumpkins to the display, and a cherished clay pumpkin, handcrafted by my twelve-year-old son.

Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast.

-William Shakespeare

Mums' Allium and greens

Mums, Allium and Greens

Napkin Rings

Napkins ringed with raffia and tulle

I put the finishing touches on the napkin rings, made from left over pieces of raffia and tulle. I punched and decorated tags in lieu of place cards, adding them to the rings. Inspiration for the final detail came from Kelly over at Boomdeeada. Earlier this month I “built” tiny chairs for my fairy garden using  miniature spools. Kelly suggested wrapping the spools with a tiny greeting.  They were easy to make and a fun conversation starter.  I wrapped the saying around the spool, then sealed it with a tiny sticker.Tiny scroll

Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table

In the end, it was an eclectic table, just like me!

6 thoughts on “Dressing The Table on Thanksgiving Day

  1. It all looks so warm and welcoming Alys, you have a special touch. Thank you so much for the shout out, your ribboned spools were really cute, I loved the message too. Did you use ribbon? I never could figure out how to print on ribbon. I also like the seeded grass in your mums arrangement, it looks like wheat and really reminds me of the farm & celebrating harvest. I guess the brave shoppers will be getting a big start on their Christmas shopping today, they’re even reporting about it on our news station and some local stores are jumping on the wagon. I’m going to tell Petals & Blossum it’s a holiday just for them, Ha Black Friday. Have a great long weekend!!


    • Black Friday for Petals and Blossum I love, love, love that! You’re so clever.

      Thank you for your kind words. I had a great time making those little spool messages. You were at my table in spirit, Ms. Boomdee. I typed individual messages in 12 point font, then ran a sheet of vellum through the printer. I don’t know how to print on ribbon either, but that would be pretty cool. After wrapping the spool with the message I sealed with a tiny sticker. It didn’t stick for long, so next time I might rubber band them first till the coil settles down, then add sticker.

      I’m glad the grass evoked such a nice memory for you. I love the idea of farm life, though I know how hard it is. I love the idea of open space, large farm houses, the sense of safety from the big city, knowing all your neighbors.

      As for the commercial Black Friday, it really has gotten out of control. I never go near the malls this time of year, and in fact have the majority of my shopping done.


      • I think that sweet farm life image gets people out of town and then, you’re right, reality sets in. Just like ‘Green Acres’ ha.
        I like your idea about the rubber band to set the message up tight before the sticker….I’m going to use that one.
        Lucky, lucky you to be all done with the shopping. I don’t have too many to do. We are going to celebrate with Ken & Adele mid December, so I will look for the perfect thing in San Diego (plus Adele is a Christmas baby and so a birthday girl too).


        • How nice that you can celebrate together. You’ll have fun shopping for Adele in San Diego. I’m glad you’ll have a nice break from the cold.

          Ah, Green Acres! I’ve not thought about that show in years. So true.


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