Decorating the Table: It’s the Little Things

I love decking out the table for the holidays. It’s also fun challenging myself to use bits of this and a little of that from around the house.  Add in some fall color from the garden and you have the makings of a centerpiece. In the past I’ve used leftover crafting paper, fallen leaves, candles and ribbon. It’s a fun way to get crafty.

Three Velvet Pumpkins

This year I made one small splurge: three tiny velvet pumpkins. I found them at a local craft fair last month and instantly fell in love.  The plush and weighted pumpkins are about the size of an apple.  What makes them so special is the stem: the artist used real ones!  Aren’t they clever?

Velvet Pumpkins, Natural Stems

Velvet Pumpkins, Natural Stems

Velvet pumpkin stem

Velvet pumpkin’s stem

I wish I had her name but I tossed my receipt and now can’t give her proper credit.  Hopefully she’ll read this one day and will know how delighted I am to have them.

Ringing The Napkins

This year’s napkins get a little dress up via raffia and tulle.  The tulle is leftover from an earlier project. The raffia used to be a bow. Instead of place cards, I’ll attach tags to each napkin, using my all-time favorite tag maker.  I even hauled out the old iron to press those napkins into smooth squares. I’m not sure what came over me?

Standing Tall

The New Zealand Flax is several shades of lovely, but I’ve never used it in a bouquet.  I’m going to challenge myself to use the tall leaves, along with the Japanese Silver Grass and the Japanese Forest Grass, both standing tall in the garden.  The grasses made cute little trees in last month’s fairy garden.  I can see them from my window as I write this, blowing in the breeze.  If the arrangement turns out, I’ll post a few pictures tomorrow.

Do you enjoy decorating for your holidays?  If so, what do you have in store?

13 thoughts on “Decorating the Table: It’s the Little Things

  1. Ok, I couldn’t resist commenting on this — I love those little velvet pumpkins! So clever. What a terrific find, and well-deserved splurge! I’m just popping by my computer for a minute, taking a break from Thanksgiving preparations.

    I also enjoy decorating our home for the holidays. Our table is almost set for our Thanksgiving feast — I’m waiting to put the stemware out till the last minute. Cat people understand. I like a low centerpiece to facilitate across-the-table conversation, and am using a store-bought candle arrangement surrounded by glittery bronze-colored artificial foliage. We’re using place cards which were a recent gift from my mother-in-law, as she is parting with those material elements of her life which she can no longer use, but is happy to share. She’ll feel good to see us using them, as well as the very pretty serving dish she also just gave us — it had been a gift for their first wedding anniversary, so it’s meaningful as well as functional. I’m excited about our new tablecloth of warm earth tones, a recommendation by my ever-resourceful sister. It’s laminated, giving it the feel/drape of rich fabric, with the wipe-clean quality of vinyl. A splash of wine? A dribble of gravy? No prob!

    I’m sure your home will be a lovely testament to your creativity. I love your ideas! I’ll look forward to seeing any pics! As always, thanks for sharing! Your blog is a delightful connective thread. Sending you warmest wishes for a joyful, peaceful holiday surrounded by loved ones, in a spirit of gratitude.


    • LOL on the stemware! Isn’t that the truth

      Your table arrangement sounds lovely. I too like a low arrangement. I’ve also sworn off tapered candles for good after coming close to setting my sleeve on fire one year. Now I use tiny votive candles, safely enclosed in glass.

      How lovely to use your MIL’s place cards. I’m sure that put a smile on her face seeing them lovingly used on your table. Your table, like mine, sounds like a beautiful blend of old and new, pretty and practical. I hope you had a terrific day. I hope, too, that today is a day of rest in your always-busy schedule. Cheers!


      • Yeah, we haven’t used tapered candles in years, either! We also love the pretty glass holders that safely contain little votives or tealights. : ) I enjoyed seeing the pics of your very pretty holiday table! Beautifully done, so warm and comfortable and inviting.

        My mother-in-law became ill, so didn’t join us for Thanksgiving. Still, she was happy to know that her meaningful gifts were gladly put into use for the occasion. Our day turned out well, and we expressed our gratitude for our blessings in life, including dear friends — near and far. Thank you again for the good wishes! Rest? Ha! The next day was spent cleaning up, and charging forth toward Christmas, beginning the decoration process…. Cheers to you! XOXO


  2. You make me laugh…oh the madness of ironing. You are so good about repurposing, I must work on that. I thought when I was planning my winter baskets on the porch that I’d stick with naturals so in the spring I could just dump them….well….I got a tad carried away. I did reuse some ribbon, but bought giant pinecones and some new sparkly ornaments. That storage locker is paying off in spades, LOL.

    Best wishes to you and your loved ones. Have a wonderful Holiday Alys !!!


      • Glad you enjoyed your holiday. I just put out my planters and they do look pretty. I got as many pictures as I could before my fingers froze….They said it’d be warming, but I not feeling the love…


          • We typically don’t get too much snow in November, so that’s weird. The city’s snow budget will be all used up in no time. It’s been mostly below ‘normal’ with the exception of a couple of days. It’s so unpredictable, best to just look out a window to see how to dress for the day. lol


              • Yah totally, I wouldn’t think the forecast was as pertinent. Most days on a farm would have been a similar schedule of work, animals, cooking and just staying alive. I think they were probably a little more tuned in to their environment than we are and that might have helped them.


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