Monday Morning Musings

sweet pea

Sweet Pea

I really should be in bed, but instead I’m tapping away at my keyboard. It’s 12:21 am meaning it’s officially Monday here in San Jose, California. I’ve become much more aware of the time zones since blogging. Five minutes ago I had a brief exchange with Helen who is starting her day in England. On this side of the pond, I’m about to head to bed.

Blogging allows for an intimacy I never would have imagined. Unlike Facebook which can feel superficial, bloggers open themselves up with a genuine honesty and desire to connect. The very nature of blogging is about sharing of yourself and engaging with those who stop by to read and comment. Chances are you’ll go have a look at what they’re up to, and the exchanges that follow captivate, educate, entertain and enthrall.

In a few hours, my dear friend Kelly will board a plane to Washington, D.C. I’ll be joining her and others at the end of the week. We’re kindred spirits, soul sisters, and the best of friends. She’s the friend I didn’t know I was missing till we met. Now it feels that I’ve known her for a lifetime. Improbably, we met through blogging.

When I get off the plane Friday evening, Laurie, will be there to meet me. It will be the first time we meet in person, yet it feels completely natural that she’s picking me up and that we’ll all head to her place later in the week for a few day’s stay. I met her through blogging as well.

I’m counting the days till I can wrap my arms around Pauline. She’s flying all the way from New Zealand, a long and exhausting flight. We’ve had intimate conversations via Skype and look forward to long talks and even deeper understanding in our time together. Yep. She’s a blogger.

Julia’s life is about defeating despair. Her optimistic spirit carries her through some very dark days, yet she’s opened her home and her heart to us all. We share a mutual love of books as well as the joys and sorrows of raising children whose heart beats to a different drum. We all want to be understood for who we are and to be loved unconditionally just the same.

Just five more days and I’ll be descending on D. C. Extraordinary experiences await.



Gardening vs Blogging

Newly replanted sidewalk strip

Newly replanted sidewalk strip

Today was one of those days: I could garden or I could blog about gardening, but I couldn’t do both.

Gardening won!  With great joy, I replanted the sidewalk strip with a bounty of perennials.  I’ve reserved a spot along the sidewalk and away from the street for carrots.  I have several cell packs in reserve for next week, when my neighbor’s day care kids will get to ‘plant a row.’ The children love playing on my ramp and deck, and last year helped me plant a few bulbs.  I know they’ll have fun planting the carrots and watching them grow. I also bought a packet of sweet peas, and *bonus* a sweet little climbing trellis.  It creates a nice focal point in the center of the garden.

Darkness fell by the time I finished planting, watering and putting away my tools.  I promise a better set of pictures by daylight soon.

And with that, this happy gardener is taking her aching back to bed.  Sweet peas…I mean dreams.