Gardening vs Blogging

Newly replanted sidewalk strip

Newly replanted sidewalk strip

Today was one of those days: I could garden or I could blog about gardening, but I couldn’t do both.

Gardening won!  With great joy, I replanted the sidewalk strip with a bounty of perennials.  I’ve reserved a spot along the sidewalk and away from the street for carrots.  I have several cell packs in reserve for next week, when my neighbor’s day care kids will get to ‘plant a row.’ The children love playing on my ramp and deck, and last year helped me plant a few bulbs.  I know they’ll have fun planting the carrots and watching them grow. I also bought a packet of sweet peas, and *bonus* a sweet little climbing trellis.  It creates a nice focal point in the center of the garden.

Darkness fell by the time I finished planting, watering and putting away my tools.  I promise a better set of pictures by daylight soon.

And with that, this happy gardener is taking her aching back to bed.  Sweet peas…I mean dreams.

15 thoughts on “Gardening vs Blogging

  1. Well, somehow you still managed to get both done even if not on the same day so it’s all good. How fun to watch all the little ones digging in the garden. Looking forward to the new pictures. 🙂


  2. Looks so tidy Alys ! Do you think any of those Sweet Peas will grow up before I arrive? Your neighbours wee ones must just think you are so fun. I’m sure for some, it’ll be their only chance to know what it is to grow something to eat. It’s starting to get dark earlier here too now. Which is nice in the morning, the kitties sleep longer. In fact, lots of trees turning gold and losing leaves. It seems way, way too early. I’ll look forward to seeing everything grown when I visit and look at that wayward pumpkin…it’s really going to town. Happy accident, how fun.


    • Thank you, Boomdee! I was out there tonight and all the snaps were wilting. I sure hope they perk back up. Everything else transplanted well, though. I know Sweet Peas are fast growers, so you may get to see a few trailing vines. I hope so.

      Gosh, you already have trees turning colors. That’s amazing. We’ve had the strangest August. Super hot days, fairly cool ones, a bit of rain. Today it was supposed to be 81 but it got up to 91F. It was a really bright day too. Even at 4:00 it was pretty miserable. We now have a breeze but it is almost 10 pm.

      Yes, kitties sleeping longer is a good thing. Slinky doesn’t modulate because she can’t hear so she starts demanding attention at the top of her little lungs. Isn’t it amazing how loud a tiny little cat can be?

      That pumpkin was a happy accident. Well said. Love you xox


      • Wow, 91F That’d do me in for sure. I hope it cools off for you this week. I totally can imagine a little cat making that much noise 😀 Our little Petals is quite a howler too and can go on and on. Somethings we start off with saying, “here Petals” in a sweet voice, then dozen of howls later the stern, “hey! good, quite now!”….ha!


        • I just don’t handle the heat well at all. My address says San Jose, but my skin says northern England. Ha!

          It is cooler this week by about ten degrees.

          So, your little Petals is a howler too, eh? It’s amazing what a piercing sound it is. It’s funny, because the other cats don’t say much at all. Mouse is chatty, but he doesn’t really cry.


    • Thank you! It feels good to have that planting bed re-planted after my false start. The little ones planted carrots yesterday and I must say that little bit of extra green really looks nice. 50 day crop…stay tuned.


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