Gardener in Repose

skeleton doppleganger 2014

Ms. Doppelganger

October isn’t over yet, but my skeletal doppelgänger is putting her feet up for a spell.  That gnarly pumpkin is the perfect foot rest for her bone-weary feet.  Check out that gorgeous gardening apron, beautifully hand-made and gifted via Gjeometry’s Pay it Forward last year. Her seamstress skills are legendary along with her famous cat.

The original skeleton’s head is long gone, so I improvised with a plush pumpkin. A guest brought it to our boys Halloween party one year. Isn’t it a dream?

Ms. Doppelganger is holding a carrot that is just a few weeks shy of its one year anniversary. Somehow it escaped harvest, continued to grow, bloomed and just now went to seed. I’m amazed by nature’s gifts every day.

carrot anniversary 2014

Carrot Anniversary

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve been reading about my (mostly) green thumb.  Here is a never-before-seen picture of the green thumb at rest. Are you suitably impressed?

green thumb

My Green Thumb

We’ve left the rocking chair available for drop-in guests. If you’re feeling weary, please stop by, pull up a pumpkin and sit a spell. I’ll press a cup of steaming hot tea in your hand and we can shoot the breeze.

halloween on deck 2014

Please put your feet up and sit a spell

No-Candy Countdown:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Candy is sweet

But my resolve is too.

October 29th, still candy-free.

Pumpkins on Parade:

I’ve never seen the iconic movie Napoleon Dynamite, but it was one of the suggestions for this month’s pumpkin dress up. I’ve done a frightful job creating this one. The darn wig refused to stay put. It was fun crafting a pair of glasses from a scrap of wire found in the garage. That said, I better stick to my day job.

Julia of Defeat Despair, thank you for the fun suggestion. I hope this makes you smile.

Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite

19 thoughts on “Gardener in Repose

  1. Love your doppelganger – and the rest is well earned. I hope you are having one too!
    I am also clueless about Napoleon Dynamite so have nothing to say about your recreation – except ‘he looks nerdy’ and I hope that is the correct adjective!

    Congrats on the candy countdown – from where I’m sitting you only have one more day to go! I’m singing the theme song to that Mary Tyler-Moore show “You’re gonna make it after all” – whoop-whoop and throw your beret in the air 🙂 How neat is that!!


    • Nerdy is the operative word, Pauline. I’m going to put this on a (hoped for) rainy day weekend rental. Thank you for your support and always spot-on advice during my candy countdown. Congratulations to you too for meeting your October goal, then finding the time to write about it. Well done, well done! I love the Mary Tyler-Moore show and song. I’m smiling thinking of you tossing your beret.


  2. You are hilarious with your creativity. I love what you’ve done with the place and Ms Doppelganger looks like she needs a stiff drink more than a cup of tea. The flowers from the blooming carrot are really pretty. I’m not even going to try to stay on my diet till after the holidays. I’m totally out of control these days. You are impressing me mightily. I’ve done more cooking in the last 2 days than in the last 2 months. Gotta feed those growing ? boys. 🙂 I’ve never seen Napoleon Dynamite either but he looks quite ready for Halloween to me. You’ve done your job for today and put a big grin on my face. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marlene, once again, I’m glad you’ve smiled. I’m sorry you’re eating feels out of control. I can most certainly relate. It’s good that you’re aware, as it makes it easier to come back, at least that has been my experience. I’ve been following a plan called 7 Years Younger and it is the first thing to work for me in a long while. The weight comes off slowly when you’re north of menopause, but I’m down 13 pounds in eight weeks and continue to stick with it. If I can lose another 10 pounds I’ll be back to my honeymoon weight.


      • Oh my, honeymoon weight! I’d have to go, well another 35 to get there. I’ll look for that diet but I know what works if I do it. At 66, I am ready to get it off and keep it off. After Christmas, life should settle down with all the moving done. Then, back to regular meals and taking care of myself. I’ve stocked the freezer here with Healthy dinners because we are packing pots, pans, the whole shebang. It’s going to get tricky till we get back to my house. I still haven’t found all my pots and pans from my move 4 years ago. 🙂 Guess you will have to take another honeymoon when that last little bit comes off. That will be an interesting post.:))


  3. Ah, you are too nice, thank you for the shout-out and kind words! So happy the gardening apron is getting used! Kitty ‘nods’ in your general direction. 🙂 Love your place all set for Hallowe’en. I have to say, I LOVE this coming day and am also hard at work decorating. But, No Candy????!!!! Sigh….. Can’t say the same here. LOVE your pumpkin!! Napoleon Dynamite is an AWESOME movie! I have seen it, well, more times than I care to admit or that is likely healthy and each time, it gets better. It is so quotable, and such a lovely ‘nerds win’ theme but they are still themselves and the same at the end, no make-overs, no revelations, there are even a few love stories that are sweet and real and don’t make you want to hurl things at the screen or scream “die already, DIE” like in Titanic. Mmmmkay, think I’ve offended enough people for now. 🙂 I shall sign off! Happy Hallowe’en Alys! (ps, I like your avatar pic)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. If only I could click my fingers and be in that inviting rocking chair for an hour of “shooting the breeze” with you and the family, Alys. A steaming cup of tea and Mouse dropping in to sit on my knee would be the icing on the Halloween cake! Love your green thumb, too! He, he! xoxox


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