A Fairy Garden Boo!

Do you remember me telling you about the tradition of ghosting or booing someone? You gather a few treats, secretly place them on your neighbor’s doorstep, ring the bell and run like mad. We’ve been taking part for years.

While we were away choosing pumpkins on Sunday, something magical happened. Our wonderful neighbor ‘booed’ the fairy garden! You can’t imagine the grin on my face when I saw it. Two tiny pumpkins and an inquisitive ghost planted firmly in the soil, with a tiny tree trunk sign saying ‘You’ve been booed.’

Fairy Garden Boo!

Fairy Garden Boo!

I can’t think of a sweeter treat to ring in Hallow’s Eve.  Though I’m not supposed to know my secret giver, the girl next door tipped me off.  That made me chuckle. She also voiced her disappointment that she hadn’t been booed, so I made quick work of a basket and the tradition carries on.  I think I might be aging backwards.

fairy garden haunting

Fairy Garden Haunting

fairy garden house

Do you think the witch will head down the chimney?




I added a few spooky touches to the fairy garden this afternoon. I caught a whisper in the wind about a midnight Halloween gathering. There are plenty of tombstones for hiding and one sinister looking tree, courtesy of my son. We did Halloween crafts together for years, but all those creative treasures are now cast offs. The tree was destined for the trash last year, before I spirited it away.

No-Candy Countdown:

Tomorrow is Halloween! Thank you for counting down with me this month. I’m feeling energized and more in control and happy to be candy-free. Just one more day and I’ll have met my goal.

Pumpkins on Parade:

I’m closing out the month with one of the miniature, late-season pumpkins. She’s busy brewing up a magic potion designed to keep squash bugs at bay. If it works, I’ll let you know. She’s looking confident and happy so I remain hopeful.

pumpkin witch

Witch’s Brew Pumpkin

halloween fairy garden 2014

Happy Halloween from the fairy garden

18 thoughts on “A Fairy Garden Boo!

  1. There is no end to the ways you get creative and spread that passion to your neighbors. How delightful that someone saw fit to boo the fairy garden. I would never have thought of it. Your blog always inspires me. I can hardly wait to get home again and get my hands in the crafting biz again. I’ve been in the moving biz for almost 6 months now. Me, my sister and now my son. It has to end so I can play too. Maybe I can decorate my fairy garden for Christmas at least. 🙂 Happy Halloween to you all!


  2. A-ha! The table’s have turned on the Master of Boo, how delightful. You’re such a fun neighbour, I can’t wait till we live in Victoria in our beautifully gardened complex. Just think of all the new victims…..err, neighbours we’ll have to convert, hehehe. The Fairy Cemetery looks positively spook-tacular with wispy cobweb and scary trees. How fun. I’m missing my FG this year but have an idea brewing (pun intended) for something soon.

    I wonder how long ‘I. Emma Hauntings’ has been gone? LOL, that makes me laugh. You had to write pretty little to fit that in. I still love that little bridge you got going on. I might need to copy that somehow, 😀 emulate I mean (it’s a sincere form of flattery you know). Do you go out to a party tonight hon or is it two in one night tomorrow? Not unlike your friend atop the roof of your Haunted Fairy Cottage, I’m off on my broom, not too fast though, can’t afford another ticket. ta ta for now ❤


  3. Aging Backwards! Exactly!
    Never lose your spirit of fun and adventure.
    How wonderful that you had your very own, home grown pumpkin to decorate for the end of the month. So glad your Fairy Garden got Booed!
    Happy Halloween, Alys. You’ve sure made the month fun 🙂


    • Laurie, thanks for all your wonderful comments, today and throughout the month. I’m glad you enjoyed the posts. It was fun. I think a youthful spirit keeps one young so I’ll always strive to be silly and to have fun.


  4. Alys, you are in good company…Merlin also aged backwards! Congrats on the candy-free month! If you’ve a mind to reward yourself with a sweet, I highly recommend Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries…WOW! That was my special Halloween treat tonight. Sending all of you a virtual taste, calorie-free!


  5. that is adorable!!
    I really should tell you that i appreciate your halloween no candy countdown. This is the first halloween where i have not eaten about 100 pounds of candy. Thinking about you not eating it has in a strange way helped me to not eat it as well. And to know that I am not the only one who struggles with this every years helps me to acknowledge it as a real issue. Congratulations on meeting your goal!! and helping me at the same time!!


    • You just made my day! I’m really happy for you. It’s amazing when you make yourself accountable to yourself and others, isn’t it? I too could eat incredible amounts of chocolate. The small bars were even worse…I could pretend I was only have a little when in reality it was probably worse.

      I know many of us struggle and you are not alone. My next challenging month will be December.

      Congratulations to you, too!


      • December is the next challenging month too. Having a big pot of vegetable soup on ready to eat and eating a lot of eggs (the protein keeps me full and I am less likely to snack) seems to help. Even if i don’t eat leading up to christmas i usually go nuts in the aftermath because i am so happy christmas is over or something. I will be looking to you for inspiration. NO pressure! lol.


        • A pot of veggie soup on is a great idea. I need to do that in my crock pot. You’re right too that a bit of protein goes a long way. I also get the sense of relief when Christmas is over. I’m trying to approach it with a different mind set this year.


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