Halloween Traditions: You’ve Been Boo-ed!

Have you been ‘Boo-ed?”

The act of ‘Booing’ also known as ‘Ghosting’ is popular in our neighborhood and it goes something like this: Someone rings your doorbell after dark. (This already sounds ominous, right?) You look out the window and no-one is there. (Scary, still). Your kids get a bit nervous, but when you finally check outside, a Halloween surprise awaits you.  Over the years our boys received small toys, candy treats, light-up wands and even Halloween liquid soap.

Along with the kids loot are instructions to ‘Boo’ two more neighbors within two nights, and the tradition carries on.  Our boys loved receiving the surprise at the door year after year, and they were equally delighted to ring and run when it was our turn.

As our neighborhood ages and small ones become teenagers we see fewer and fewer little ones on our street. Rather than abandon the tradition, someone in the hood added a new twist. A friend posted a photo on Facebook of a plate of home-made cupcakes and a bottle of wine along with the ‘You’ve been Boo-ed’ sign. I guess you can’t keep a fun tradition down.

I’ve created my own small tradition revolving around fairy gardens. A few times a year, at Halloween and at Christmas, I put together a small bag of fairy garden treasures for two little girls across the way. Only their mom knows its me. She  graciously shares photos so I get a little window into their joy. This weekend I made a couple of pumpkin cards using tag board. I added ink and vintage pages from a small book about a Faerie Queen. I stamped a pumpkin on a couple of cotton treat bags, added beads, and filled them with origami paper, foam pumpkins, erasers and other small items to use in their garden. I hope it continues to bring them the joy that it brings me.

fairy garden halloween treasures

Fairy Garden Halloween Treasures

Traditions might be fun but they can also be taxing.  I know that more than one mom on our street dreaded the idea of ‘one more thing to do’ this time of year. I read something similar in an article as well.

I think it’s fun making up your own traditions, removing all expectations with an established goal of having fun. Do you have family traditions that are uniquely your own?

No-Candy Countdown:

Yes, folks, the gardener remains candy-free.

candy-free countdown

Candy-free Countdown

Under-the-sea Costume Update:

Mike bought a helmet to go with his guardian of the sea costume. The crescent on the top is reminiscent of a wave.  I regret not taking ‘before’ photos, but we’re having fun modifying it from its original state.

I save and re-purpose my wall calendars every year, but this is the first time I’ve used one on a costume. I took a page from last year’s sailing calendar, and tore the edges to suggest waves.

Guardian of the Sea Helmet

Guardian of the Sea Helmet

It’s a photograph of a sailboat in dark seas. I tore a few layers, glued them to the helmet crest, then sanded the paper for a textured look. I added a bit of dark green ink, and in a happy accident, realized the glue dots, once sanded, looked like bolts.  We’ve more to add in the way of seashells and a bit of glitter shimmer. It is under the sea after all.

Pumpkins on Parade:

Aloha! Today’s pumpkin is ready for a tall, cool drink under a palm tree. Her grass skirt is nearby when the music begins. She’s kicked off her sandals for a walk in the cool grass.

aloha pumpkin

Aloha Pumpkin

aloha pumpkin closeup

Please hold my calls

She’ll be back tomorrow, refreshed and contemplating the latest wardrobe change. We hope to see you then.

12 thoughts on “Halloween Traditions: You’ve Been Boo-ed!

  1. Well Booing sounds like a fun way to spend the Halloween holiday. It’s must be unique to your area. But then I know so little of that holiday anyway.
    Love the helmet so far. Who knew you could do all that with paper.
    Congrats on the no candy. You are staying strong. Are you grinding your teeth yet?
    The aloha pumpkin made me smile. I’d like to be on that beach. 🙂


    • Hi Marlene, I’m so glad I saw your comment before logging off. I had never heard of booing before moving here, but when you search, it turns up all sorts of links for Pinterest and images of poems to go along with it. I’m really curious where it started. No wiki entry and only anecdotal info. I found a link dated 2007 so they’ve been around a little while.

      Thanks for your support on the candy. The more I go without it, the better I feel. I almost reached for a mint at a breakfast place today, but took my hand back and enjoyed the inward smile. So much of it is awareness. How are you doing with it all.

      So glad the Aloha pumpkin made you smile. *You* made me smile. Such a deal. xoxo


      • I was doing pretty good until yesterday. Back on the wagon today. Took the Senior trip to brewery/winery/distillery/ restaurant, etc. We had a good time but when I get fatigued, I weaken. :(. It was a very long day. I haven’t even had the energy to write a post lately. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. Hang in there with it.


        • I sure understand about fatigue weakening your resolve. It also encourages us to seek out sugar for quick energy so it’s a double whammy.

          I hope you get some energy back. You’ve been going at 110% for some time now.

          Hugs to you xoxo


  2. That last photo is just great … the composition is spot on!
    Your tradition is a good one and I like the anonymity of it.
    For years, on Christmas Eve, my son and would leave homemade baked goods and other things at the door steps of neighbors, friends, or those who were shut in. WE never revealed ourselves and like you, enjoyed the blessings of anonymous giving.


  3. What a precious tradition! I like making little witches brooms full of goodies for trick our treaters but I have only done it once and, like you say, tradition is work. But oh the memories. I am glad those two little girls have you. They will remember your efforts forever. 🙂


    • Thank so much, Leilani.

      I like the idea of witches brooms with goodies. I’ve seen a few versions of that in various magazines over the years. I love buying Martha Stewart’s Halloween addition. I wonder if Pinterest will be the magazine’s eventual demise.


  4. Hehe, I remember you telling me about your escape from the neighbours porch with Mouse running along with you! That would make a brilliant video. I laugh just picturing the two of you marauding around the neighbourhood. Maybe Mouse should get in the fun and dress as ‘a mouse’, hehehe. Do you think he’d wear a costume? Blossum might but Petals probably not. They are as co-operative as dogs would be. How adorable that you continue to treat the neighbour girls, I’m sure they look forward to it every year. The tiny bags are really cute 😀 I still have mine that you made. I keep laces tugged in them on my crafty table.

    Mikes helmet is really coming together nicely. The plume really adds to the gladiator vibe of it all. Those calendars have nine lives don’t they?

    I bigafied your aloha pumpkin to see if I could see (( you )) in the sunglasses. Nope, you’e managed to stay out of the reflection, great photography there Alys. Your yard looks nice in the tinted hue’s though. Are those sandals ever tiny, did you borrow them from a fairy going by? lol xoxox K


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