Decorating the Garden for Halloween

It’s taken us longer than usual to decorate for Halloween this year, in part due to the weather. Early October was too darn hot. Now that the temps are dropping, we’ve put in a bit more effort. I call it sweater weather.

pumpkin pyramid

Pumpkin Pyramid

My family’s taste in decorating run the gamut. I’ve always enjoyed using pumpkins, fall leaves and the occasional prop outdoors. My husband is all about the lights and the carving. My youngest son is a huge fan of inflatable lawn decorations. He loved balloons as a little boy, and that love transferred to anything he can inflate.

The lawn inflatables are pretty over the top as decorations go, but they bring him such joy. He was happy to use his Christmas money over the years to buy them. He learned a lot about saving, price comparisons and finding things on sale, so lessons garnered along the way.

halloween inflatables 2014

Halloween Inflatables

This year one of the fans broke so he spent time sorting out an alternative way to inflate it. He tried two smaller fans, then hooked up a tube from a larger fan and improvised with items from his room. He found joy in the process. I was equally joyful seeing him set aside his iPhone while he problem-solved. Eventually he and his dad found a replacement fan on-line and the Halloween globe is back in business. Is it silly of me to say that I’m glad it broke, if only to get a glimpse at his unique creativity?

Eclectic Pumpkins

Eclectic Pumpkins

No-Candy Countdown:

It’s the week of Halloween, meaning the candy-pushers have stepped up their game. There was a bucket of candy on the optometrist’s counter yesterday, candy on the end-caps at Target and candy on my mind. One of the best things about tracking what you don’t eat is the awareness and clarity. Candy seems like a special reward or indulgence, but it also feels like an addiction. I don’t know if I can indulge casually or if I need to give it up for good. It’s food for thought.

Pumpkins on Parade:

sweater pumpkin

Sweater Pumpkin

Getting back to sweater weather, today’s pumpkin is toasty warm in a Jack ‘o Lantern knit. They’re all the rage this year. Pumpkins are thick-skinned so itching isn’t a problem. One size fits most.

What’s on your agenda for Halloween week?

16 thoughts on “Decorating the Garden for Halloween

  1. Oh I love the sweater pumpkin – best so far!! I absolutely understand your joy at seeing your youngest problem solve – and having dad in on the action is perfect! Way to go great parenting pair and problem-solving son!! One might be tempted to deliberately/accidentally damage bits and bobs just to keep that wonderful skill active and expanding ….. Whoops, did I say that out loud?

    You know with the candy thing, my take on it is you don’t have to give it up forever. It is just this month you have committed to and what you decide to do next month can wait til then. One day at a time is the best way to give anything up. And deciding to have a piece is not a failure, it is an experiment to see how it makes you feel.

    I found a really neat experience awaited me when I gave up sugar. I had to eliminate all sugar – ALL – even fruit went out the window for a while until my system sorted itself out. After about two months on my sugar/additive/wheat free plan I tried some – by that I mean I had a teensy spot of maple syrup on my finger and I put my finger in my mouth. My taste buds exploded. I had to be scraped off the ceiling. It was a-maz-ing!! I now choose to keep my sweet eating for very special occasions so that I can really enjoy my time with it. 🙂 I find I can now taste the chemicals in manufactured food to such an extent I wouldn’t dream of consuming any.

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    • You could knit one for yourself next winter, Pauline. [tee-hee]. That would be a real conversation starter at the market, eh? 😉

      Thanks for your generous praise of our parenting. We all try to do our best, don’t we? And as for deliberately breaking something, you said it but I thought it. We are of like minds.

      I appreciate all your good council on my eating challenges. You’ve really turned your eating upside down and have lived to reap the tremendous health benefits. Inspiring!

      As for tasting the chemicals, yes, I know exactly what you mean. The same thing happened after I stopped drinking diet soda for some time, then had one at a party. Yuck!

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  2. You inspire me to enjoy the holiday more than ever. It’s always been my least favorite but I’m turning the corner. You and Mike are WONDERFUL parents. I can tell from here! I love the sweater with the fluff all around and the gnarly pumpkin . One of my neighbors has done inflatables. They are fun to see. Not sure there will be many trick or treaters at my house as it will be raining. Sorry. I’ll post on Friday with photos. Writing it now in case I don’t get another chance. Hugs to all.

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  3. Good Evening (say it like Dracula) I vant to vish you a cleepie Halloveen, mwa ha ha ha. Well me o’my, the stage is set for all the drama of Friday night. Everything looks horrible, LOL and I mean that in a positive way 😀 How many tricky-treater’s do you get to your door? I bought enough treats for about 100. I want to ask a neighbour tomorrow if that’s enough. I took a bunch of photo’s of my Urban project today, so must get at least one Halloween blog on line. We’ve got so much Xmas stuff in too. We’re always biting at the bit for the next big holiday, or event, LOL. I know I’ve said this before, but this is the best job ever.

    Glad to hear Mac and Mike were able to MacGyver the fan to keep the dome inflated but my favourite is that giant spider on the sun shade. HA, that’s the perfect place for it. So Mr Mouse is not fazed by the horror? I guess he’d only react if you ran thru the yard screaming. With your theatre background you could really freak out Mr Mouse and your neighbours, LOL.

    Cute little sweater you have there. I’d like that in my size. Did you hang onto it from when the boys were little guys? It’d be hard to part with anything I imagine but hard to store everything too. Hey ! Maybe Mouse could be a mouse?

    xox k-p-b

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    • Look at that sweet cat with mouse ears. LOL. Mouse would never put up with that, but I do think it’s funny. Thanks for sharing the cute pic. Yes, the little orange sweater was M’s when he was young and at the height of his pumpkin passion. I found it at Michael’s of all places. Too darn cute to pass up. Today I saw the same sweater on Gjeometry’s post. Can you believe it! I can’t make paragraph returns in WP today so sorry if it sounds like I’m rambling. I’m glad you love your job and clearly they love you. I can’t wait to see what you’re up to for Christmas. xoxo

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      • I don’t think my kitties would be keen on a hat either, hehe. Hey? GJ has a new post? I better skidaddle on over. I also read a comment someone made about Stamp Art by Pauline. I should have gotten emails for both, must check…I’m feel really sleepy tonight. I was in the craft room all day 😀

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  4. I was thinking the same thing, is candy an indulgence or something that has to be given up for good…. Thinking of researching how to give it up. I DO NOT KNOW HOW!! GAH!! Did you make the sweater pumpkin, Cute and funny!! never seen such a thing!


    • I think it depends on the person. My husband can take it or leave it. He doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth. The same is true for my sister and was true for my mom. I don’t know why mine is so profound.

      Chocolate is s magical food. It looks good, smells good, tastes good and even increases serotonin levels. I admire people that can enjoy one square of chocolate a day, but don’t know that I’m that disciplined.

      Funny story: I saw the same sweater pumpkin on another post, a blogger from Ontario! I bought ours several years ago at a craft store for under $10 fof my son’s teddy bear at the height of his pumpkin obsession. Isn’t it the cutest?


      • It makes my mouth water when I think of it… and then I Seriously for the life of me cannot think of what I SHOULD be eating instead for a healthy snack. Only afterwards i can. It’s hard. And not everyone understands this addiction it is true.


        • Mine too! I can completely relate to what you’re saying. I’m better off keeping it out of the house whenever possible. That’s what makes Christmas so hard: kids selling chocolate for fundraisers, my husband bringing home chocolate gifts from work and friends stopping by with more treats. Right now I’m still avoiding it so I’ll take it day by day. I’ve lost some weight so that is a good motivator as well. Best of luck to you. And do consider starting your own stamp/sticker chart. It’s so rewarding.


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