Party Season Kick-off: Under the Sea Costume Reveal

What a weekend!

Saturday night kicked off the first of three Halloween parties. Hosted at a salon, the under-the-sea theme of this first party inspired our costumes. Party goers dressed as mermaids and pirates and at least one turtle and a fish. My favorite costumes of the night: a pair of deep-sea divers with treasure chests strapped to their waists. Clever!

The dance music had us up and moving. As planned, we had a big salad for dinner with the goal of curbing extra-curricular eating. It mostly worked, though I dipped into a few crispy treats. Hopefully the dancing helped balance things out. Our host set up a photo taking area so I had fun posing for and taking lots of pictures.

halloween costumes 2014

Under the sea costumes

aqua manicure and pedicure

Aqualicious from my head to my toes (Petals made me say that)

My headdress stayed in place all night and the costume itself was quite comfortable. Mike was a bit hot after dancing with his rubberized pecs, but otherwise, he was comfortable as well. Watching several women trying to maneuver in a mermaid costume helped me appreciate the beauty of a pull-on dress.

Guardian of the Sea

Guardian of the Sea

gardener of the sea process

Gardener of the Sea

No-Candy Countdown:

It’s easier to avoid eating candy when it’s not giving you that come-hither look.  I faced temptation twice this weekend, once on Friday and again at the party.

My brother-in-law came to town bearing gifts: a pound of my favorite See’s Chocolates. Oh boy.

I thanked him for the gift, opened the box for sharing, and everyone sat around the table, including my boys, politely abstaining. The site and smell of chocolate had my mouth watering. Once he left, I told my boys it was theirs to share and they made quick work of most of it, consumed out of my sight.

Further temptation sat on a table at the party table: a freshly opened tub of red vines, a childhood favorite.  The power of accountability kept me strong.

I’ve read that the more you resist temptation, the more you strengthen your resolve. This week really put me to the test.

So, October 27th, still candy-free

red vines

Red Vines on the party table

Pumpkins on Parade:

A certain someone I know is dressing up this year as Amy Farrah Fowler, the hilarious scientist girlfriend on The Big Bang Theory. She also suggested a nerdy pumpkin. My version below includes Amy’s signature hair barrette and glasses, and her traditional cardigan and printed blouse.  Amy didn’t mind the squishy pumpkin. The three small ones from the garden are limping their way through this final week of October.

amy farrah fowler

Amy Farrah Fowler Pumpkin from The Big Bang Theory

Spina Farms Pumpkin Patch

I put on my best pout but it was all for naught. I couldn’t entice the teenagers to join me at the patch. Mike is always a good sport, so we enjoyed the car time, but the patch was a zoo. I don’t know what I was expecting the Sunday before Halloween but found it a bit overwhelming. Virtually all of the typical carving pumpkins were gone. The ones remaining we’re extra-large in girth and thickness.  We went around a second time and decided on three ‘warts and all’ pumpkins instead. They’re surprisingly light in weight, so it will be interesting to see them inside.

mike spina farms pumpkin patch

Resident carver picks his pumpkins

Mike really enjoys carving pumpkins each year, and when possible, he takes the day off of work. You can see some of his past masterpieces on my page Passionate About Pumpkins. He’s really good.

Dance Like No One is Watching:

Dressing up brings out my inner goofball.  a sixteen-second clip of me dancing with a skeleton prop.

Here is the rest of that wonderful quote by William W. Purkey:

Dance like no one is watching,
Live like you’ll never be hurt
Sing like no one is listening
Live like it’s heaven on earth.

19 thoughts on “Party Season Kick-off: Under the Sea Costume Reveal

  1. I love the costumes so much! You did an amazing job, as always. This one is my particular favorite and you know why. THe video is adorable-I kept thinking there was a person in there-you are such a good dancer, you brought the skeleton to life. Any time you have an event and the boys don’t want to go, please take the girls! THey have been begging to go to a pumpkin patch and to carve pumpkins but we have been so busy, I never got to take them. 😦

    Liked by 2 people

    • Betsy, thank you! The costumes were a labor of love. These colors are popular with several of us. Finding that iridescent blue fabric at Savers for $3.99 (plus 20% off) really set the stage for everything that followed.

      A few people thought that skeleton was a person. “He” had a lot of bounce hanging there, the perfect dance partner. That’s Mike taking the video and laughing.

      I would love to borrow your girls any time. Sorry life has been so hectic. xox


  2. I think your costumes are superb! You are so creative I couldn’t begin to put together something from nothing as you just did! The headdress looks so nice – not too much and not too littleand staying on comfortably means you solved the fitting problem. Well done on that too 🙂 I did wonder if Mike’s rubber pecs might be a compulsory sweat shop – but he looked so great, what’s a little discomfort if the look is right! I also thought there was someone in that skeleton costume – the way his head tilts towards you looks entirely alive! Your party looked like fun – two more to go and I hope you enjoy them all

    My connection won’t currently let me see the Amy Farrah Fowler pumpkin so I shall have to return for that at a later time. I’m glad to hear Mike will carve on despite the boys [temporary] disinterest.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Love it Alys! You looked fabulous, and with all those little extra accessories making it a very special costume I bet you were worthy of a prize – even the fingernails matched. Wow! More like a goddess of the sea than a gardener! And congratulations on staying candy-free. 🙂 (Love the pumpkin too!) Enjoy the rest of the halloween season!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. LOL LOL LOL I’m cracking up over Amy Farrah Fowler ! That’s just brilliant and so funny. HA! thanks for the cackle this morning hon. OMgosh I wish I could borrow the glasses, they’re perfect. I was out again yesterday but didn’t see the right blouse. I’m beginning to wonder if everyone is dressing as AFF. I still have Friday though and plan to stop at one more thrift shop. I think your toesies were glorious in that colour, but then again, I’m bias.

    I do see the third Boom Room thingy now 😀 The little coggle on your earring xoxoxox (((you))) are the queen of repurposing all manner of chachkie’s. Two more parties to look forward to now! You’re right about feeling comfortable, it’s a must. I saw a fun striped sweater at the thrift store. It was purple and black, it would have been perfect for AFF but I’d be cooking. Mike looked so great too and I can’t wait to see his pumpkins carved. The warty ones are tres’ spooky. Unfortunately too pricey here. I bought another pumpkin yesterday to carve since my first one went soft. I paid 2.99 and I’m sure it weighs a bit. I haven’t decided what to carve yet…….hmmmmm

    I bow to your willpower on the Red Vines, I’m not worthy, LOL. You are so focused, and I can totally see results already. Your face is even slimmer. Hi-5 Alys, very inspiring! I still can’t wrap my head around the piles of fabric becoming your fantastic gown without any pattern, you’re a ninja seamstress!! xoxoxo hugs!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Ninja seamstress indeed. I couldn’t put it better. You certainly don’t look like a thrift store find. 🙂 I think the skeleton was getting handsy there for a moment. You looked like a princess in that costume. Stunning is the only word I can think of right now. I loved the pumpkins with warts. Perfect. I’m anxious to see what Mike does with them. Both of you looked so fabulous at that party and like you were having the best time ever. On to the next party. :)*

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  5. What a treat this post has been to read – firstly with the costumes and the party – so lovely! I’ll bet everyone gasped when you and Mike walked in because you nailed the theme completely. And, then, I was again inspired by your No Candy Countdown – and have vowed to have a little more restraint myself today! And, finally, I spat out a mouthful of tea when I saw your AFF – themed pumpkin. Oh, my goodness! That is a classic! We are huge fans of BBT and you would swear you are looking at AFF! What a great job. Love it. xoxoxox

    Liked by 1 person

    • Im just off to bed Dani. Im so happy i saw your comment first. We too are huge BBT fans. Im glad this made you laugh. Isnt she a riot?

      Thank you for your kind words regarding the costumes. It was fun dressing up and seeing what others did too. Its good to have evenings out as a couple as well.


    • I’m so glad you laughed! Be sure to check out Boomdee’s Amy Farrah Fowler costume, too. She nailed it!

      It was a hectic month, but remember my boys are teenagers and I work part time with my organizing business, so I can fit things in there and there. I’m glad to have some restful days ahead though.

      Thanks for your nice compliments, Diane.


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    • Elizabeth, thank you! As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of Halloween. I love growing and decorating with pumpkins and my husband enjoys carving them. Making costumes is fun, too, a chance to break out my sewing skills. It’s all good fun. Thanks so much for heading over to comment.


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