Garden Wreath Redux

Wonderful things happen when you write a blog. Here are my top three:

Community, community and community.

Last week I posted photos of my attempt at a garden wreath. The wreath had a lot going for it, but it lacked volume and charm.

Garden Wreath Version 1.0

Garden Wreath Version 1.0

I asked for suggestions and received a tremendous outpouring of support.

The Contented Crafter had this to say:  Just this very morning I was discussing my art work with a friend and related how something Jane Davenport once said made a big impression on me and changed the way I viewed my creations.

Jane said [and I paraphrase] ‘Every creation goes through an ugly stage. Do not be put off, do not throw it out, do not walk away. Keep working at it until it becomes beautiful again’.

Not that I’m calling your wreath ugly – it isn’t. It is actually really pretty, and while still in development, shows enormous potential – it just needs more.

Which brings me to my second great life lesson – if a little is good, a lot is better 🙂 Bling it up Alys, bling it up!

In summary, don’t be discouraged.  Add some bling. Borrow seeds from the squirrels.

flowes and seeds

Flowers and seeds

Boomdeeadda added:

I would say you’ve got a lot of beautiful dried flowers but need a sturdier base to build upon. I especially love the hair pin, it’s a pretty detail and unexpected 😀 I also like that you used a loose triangle in your design. The rule of three always works best for arranging flowers. It’s going to be so awesome and I bet it smells really wonderful too.

  • Do you have any thin gauge wire? Here’s what a florist might do.
  • Take everything off and sort.
  • Spray Hydrangea with a bit of hair spray to lessen shedding.
  • make three mixed posies with your remaining dried flowers by wrapping stems with a bit of wire. Vary the sizes (S, M, L). Leave a length of wire to make a small loop.
  • Now, stuff the entire wreath with green sheet moss. Available from gardening stores. Winding thin wire around the wreath as you go. You hardly see it with the moss.

After reading Boomdee’s professional advice, it was tempting to box it up and send it to her with a thank you note.  Instead I behaved myself and took notes.

I took apart the wreath, salvaging the lavender, the ribbon and the hair pin. The hydrangeas were toast so I tossed what remained in the compost bin.

I dragged myself to a craft store (hee!) and picked up a bag of Spanish moss, floral wire and a roll of dusty silver tulle.  I bought purple ribbon as well, but didn’t use it.

garden wreath collage

Starting from scratch

Cindy Knoke cheered me on as did Tami and Marlene, of In Search of it All. Marlene and LB both agreed that moss would give it some oomph.  Where the Journey Takes Me suggested the great and powerful Google for dried wreath inspiration.  Additional thanks to Sheryl at Flowery Prose.

Anne Lawson said: bling it up! When I paint there is often a point where I despair and think “it’s not working!” That’s the time to keep going, as many times it does come together.

I gathered lavender and sage in twice the quantities to allow for natural shrinkage when dried.  The hydrangeas were un-salvageable.  I used three of the flowers from a vase in my room.  I sprayed them first with hairspray to prevent shedding.  I added dried seeds from the Bachelor Buttons, and then stuffed all the gaps with moss.  The wire helped keep everything in place.

I dug out my Christmas ornaments early, remembering this cute set of watering cans, a gift from my sister-in-law many years ago.  The size and color worked well.  I added tulle to the original ribbon for a larger bow, placed dried lavender in the watering can and added the hair clip.

Garden Wreath Details

Garden Wreath Details

2nd wreath

Wreath Version 2.0

It’s still a bit lopsided, but overall I like it so much better. I’ve dubbed it the Village Wreath, as I couldn’t have done it without all of you.


25 thoughts on “Garden Wreath Redux

  1. ….. and the village cheered!! How lovely! they cried, What a clever Gardener we have!

    It’s really pretty Alys, isn’t it amazing how we have stuff stashed away which turns out to be just what is needed – the watering can is inspired! The colours are just beautiful. I see what you mean about the lop-sidedness, it is just that top right as I look at the photo that is a bit empty. If it bothers you I’m sure you could fill it out,……. BUT there always has to be something to strive to improve on next time 🙂

    I love the hairspray tip too – I keep a can in the craftroom at all times [never use the stuff on my hair] but have never thought to spray dried flowers with it either ….. thanks Boomdee 🙂


  2. Lucky me…I got to see this beautiful finished wreath, in person! It’s like it was meant for me, hand crafted, all hues of purple (my personal favorite), and dried flowers (also my favorite). I think it turned out brilliant. Now when you make one next year, you’ve learned so much, it’s going to fabulous from now on.


  3. LOL, my 2nd hand floral advice could hardly be considered professional and just look at you go!! I think it looks 100% awesome in silver/purple. I really like the monochromatic vibe, it all blends great with the spanish moss. How did you manage to have your sparkly pin lay onto of the cute watering can? Amazing, your lavender does so well in your garden. I use to plant a spot near the garage door but had to replace it every year, since it’s not hardy enough here. But it sure smelt good all summer. I planted near my peonies and together it was pretty. Where did you hang it up Alys?


    • Do not sell yourself short, my dear. You’ve learned plenty working in the flower shop and I appreciate all the good advice.

      The hair pin broke while I was trying to use the wire cutters to remove/hide the tip. It was a happy accident. I used a glue dot and attached it to the watering can. Lucky, eh?

      I wish we could travel back in time to visit your lake home. What a special place.

      I hung the wreath on the front door for now, but plan to give it to Sharon. The boy scout wreath arrived as well, but it’s just greens. I’ll be sprucing it up a bit too.

      Thanks for your kind words and again for all the tips and tricks.


      • That’s funny, it’s exactly what I thought when I saw your wreath is, “Sharon will want one too”. I didn’t want to say incase you’d really made it for you…hehe. You’re so sweet. Sisterhood rocks 😀

        I’ve cruised by the old lake home a couple of times but I don’t think I should anymore. They definitely aren’t gardeners. It’s only been a couple of summers but it’s looking pretty grim. I’m pretty sure it will only get worse. A bit of a shame but these things are a gift and not yours forever.


        • I imagine it is hard to go back to a place you loved, only to see it changed…and not for the better. I know that would be hard for me.

          Did your lake freeze solid every year? That would have been something.


          • oh you bet! It would freeze in late October and break up ln at the beginning of May. It was a great place to skate or sled or cross country ski. We’d watch the odd deer walk by or coyote. We’d get giant snow drifts on our deck because it could really get windy out there. Lot’s of shovelling to be done out there, ha. Free cardio workouts 😀


              • Isn’t that funny, not too many. I’ll have to look because I’m sure I must have some. I should have taken pictures of the drifts out our patio doors but when you’re not a blogger, it didn’t occur to me. I’d just head out there and say “oh geez”…and start shovelling. I always liked to keep the doors openable incase of an emergency, I’m weird about that. 😀


                • Not weird at all…smart. You don’t want blocked doors.

                  It’s so much easier taking photos now. You don’t need to buy and process film which is positively liberating. Even the camera battery is rechargeable.

                  Which reminds me, I took your battery to the post office last week (the first time I just asked about it) and they said no way could I mail it. Something to do with terrorists using lithium batteries. If it was in a camera I could send it, but not on its own. Isn’t that strange?


                  • Oh, no worries my Dear. I will simple pick up another and if we remember (ya right, HA) I can get it next time I’m in town or you can pack it with your stuff if you’re here before then 😀 We are going to buy a house this summer! (That’s me being assertive action woman, LOL) Thanks so much for trying though and making those extra trips to the PO…you’re so thoughtful, mwaaaa.


  4. WOW!!! This turned out beautifully!! and really, really like the watering cans. Yay for community (and as you know, I’m just the cheerleader / food / drink fetcher 🙂 )


    • Thank you, Sheryl! I think the watering can really brought it together…and has meaning too.

      We are very lucky to grow lavender year round. It’s beautiful, fragrant and it attracts the bees. All of that makes me happy.

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you did.


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