The Giving Garden

One of the coolest things about our neighborhood is the general camaraderie.  Neighbors talk to neighbors.

On the surface, that sounds so simple, but time and again we hear from others how lucky we are to live on a street where all the neighbors know each other.  Over the years, we’ve covered for each other with emergency child-care, extra meals in times of poor health, emotional support and carrots.


Yes, even carrots.

The grandfather of one of the daycare kids walked by while I was curbside chatting with (yes) another neighbor.  I reached over to offer him a fresh garden pea, when he stopped me and asked if he could have ten.  More specifically, his granddaughter needed ten items to trade during Kindergarten class for a lesson on trade and Thanksgiving.

Our quick search didn’t  yield ten pea pods, but there were still plenty of carrots.  Not just any carrots, but the very carrots the wee kinder (gardener) planted herself.  He came back with his granddaughter later that day. Her brother gave her special permission to harvest his carrots as well in case she didn’t have enough.

Baggy in tow, she pulled up several carrots, bagged them and happily smiled for the camera.

harvesting carrots


Grandpa asked her to rinse the dirt from her hands in the fresh rain water, and then she wiped them on the grass.  I stepped in and dried her tiny hands on the inside of my jacket, because honestly, once a mom always a mom.  I scooped her into a hug and she was on her way.

harvested carrot

Harvested carrot

all smiles

All smiles

You reap what you sow .  I felt such a welling of emotion as I turned to come inside.  Ten little carrots were on their way to the classroom, and once again the giving garden filled me with joy.

17 thoughts on “The Giving Garden

  1. Awwwww, what a day you had and how appropriate too, on this, Thanksgiving week. You are a gem and your neighbours are lucky to have you. You are a natural nurturer. It’s easy to invasion that hug and how sweet to look after her teeny tiny hands too. I would like a pink jacket just like hers 😀 with a little pendulum and flower broach, just too cute! Happy Thanksgiving to you and the whole family my dear!


    • I hadn’t made the connection as I was writing this, but of course it was the perfect Thanksgiving week post. I guess we all think about it even more this time of year.

      Isn’t that pink jacket the bomb? I’ve thought the same thing. It’s quite stylish. I know I wasn’t that happening in Kindergarten. I was a tom boy all the way.

      Thanks for your well wishes. Sorry to be so behind with my replies. xo


      • Ha, I rolled between girly dresses and my brothers hand-me-downs but you’re right, nothing as fashionable as that little pink jacket. So many choices for little ones now. I used to wear mostly homemade things back when sewing was cheaper than shopping.


        • I sewed a lot of my own clothes in high school, too. Those were the days. I really enjoyed making that dress for my costume, and think that I should do it more. Then of course, there is that time thing. Ha!


  2. Reading this has started my new day nicely after a particularly trying couple of days …. I agree that we reap as we sow [sew? – sorry, too early in the morning to be sure] and you my dear have obviously sewn [sown] well ! I hope you have enjoyed your holiday – which I have just heard also encompasses Hanukkah this year as well, making it doubly special.


    • Yes, Thanksgiving and Hannukkah together this year. I’ve seen all sorts of clever descriptions trying to encompass the two.

      I’m glad this was a nice start to your day, but sorry to hear that you’ve had a couple of trying ones. I hope things are looking up.


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