Gifts for the Joyful Gardener

Gardeners are practical souls.  We don’t mind dirt under our nails, or bruises on tired knees.  We’ll get up early or stay out late, weeding, pruning, planting and generally enjoying our time in the garden.  We love sharing seeds and flowers fresh from the earth and enjoy swapping tips for keeping the garden pests at bay.

If you have a joyful gardener in your life, here are a few gift ideas to tuck under the tree.


Your gardener will never lose their gloves in the garden again.  Floral Gardening Gloves allow you to pull weeds in style.

Floral Garden Gloves

Floral Garden Gloves

Seed Keeper or Seed Keeper Deluxe. I’ve been using mine for several months. It’s an easy and efficient way to store and retrieve the seeds you save or buy. They come packed with all sorts of garden goodies as well.

Seed Keeper Deluxe

Seed Keeper Deluxe


Slipcovers: They’re not just for sofas!  Dress up your pots with a Patio Art Planter Slipcovers. You can change with the seasons, or simply cover up an ugly pot. It’s a nice way to wrap up a potted plant to gift as well.

plant slipcover

Slipcover Your Plants

Fair trade birdhouses attract birds to the garden. Keep those baby birds toasty warm till it’s time to leave the nest.

Felted birdhouse

Fair Trade Birdhouses

What a clever idea! It’s a card and a desktop garden all in one. It’s edible too. It’s a postcarden!  Click on the photo below and check out the time-lapse video on their site.



For the gardener with the travel bug: “Botanically themed cruises and garden tours of Europe are designed for gardening and gourmet enthusiasts who enjoy taking in ancient castles, magnificent châteaux and stunning landscaped gardens with iconic sites.”

Let’s all go! Who’s with me?

13 thoughts on “Gifts for the Joyful Gardener

  1. Just got back from a over-due manicure, pedicure…I should be smart to wear gloves when I garden. I start off with them and somehow end up with dirt embedded under every nail. Those are very cute too. I think the Postcards are absolutely brilliant, I watched their little time lapsed video, that is the most original idea ever…Why don’t we come up with these things? Now, Alys…you’ve gone and opened a big can of worm farm. I was on the APT travel site for 15 minutes drooling at every single one of those itinerary’s. If Santa could ever find it in his heart and pocketbook to be that generous….I think that would be a trip of a lifetime. I loved the one that included Venice and Paris…Can you imagine? You might be giving Santa a heart attack LOL


    • I read that getting dirt under your nails, and gardening in general, is actually a way to stave off depression! I blogged about it awhile back. I’ll have to go find the link.

      I always start out wearing gloves, but they eventually fall by the wayside. Between gardening and organizing for a living, my nails are never pretty. I get a pedi in the summer, but manicures are good for about 24 hours tops, and they make my nails even softer. Lucky you to have pretty nails.

      Poor Santa. I would hate to give him a heart attack over our trip to Venice and Paris. Let’s be extra good, Boomdee and see if we find a trip in our stockings.


      • Sorry Alys, here’s one of your nice messages I’ve missed…I think because we were traveling.
        Anyways, I do agree, gardening is a little like a happy pill. Just being outdoors, seeing a bumble bee or bird stop by, helping something grow. Talking with a favourite neighbour over the fence. It can all make a dull day bright.
        This is the first manicure I’ve had in at least two years, it was well worth the $$. My hands are usually a site. She did a great job, it’s like I had a hand transplant.
        I think I see Gondolas in our future….be very very very good and I’ll try a little harder too LOL. xoK


        • You make me smile. I’m glad you treated yourself to a lovely manicure. I get a pedicure twice a year, and love the luxury of it. (I rarely dig with my toes in the garden ;-0).


          Hand transplant. LOL


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