Seed Keeper Deluxe: Organized Seeds, Happy Gardener

Seed Keeper: Seed Sorting and Storage

My Seed Keeper Deluxe arrived by post yesterday. Is there anything sweeter than receiving a much-anticipated package on your doorstep?

I took a peek at my new kit when it arrived, but had to set everything aside until early this afternoon when I had a break in my schedule. In no time I had my box filled with seeds, alphabetized of course.Reading the face of each divider has been fun, with clever quips and tips including Rain Barrel Rush! There’s Gold In That There Water! and Vegetables – To Seed or Not to Seed on each tabbed divider

I also learned:

“Eleanor Roosevelt, inspired by War Gardens made popular during WWI started The Victory Garden. Remarkably, 20 million people planted gardens which produced up to 40% of all the vegetable produce consumed nationally.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to return to that tradition?

Lindy’s in charge of quality control

Various Features

The foam core insert keeps the dividers standing upright

Seed Keeper:  The basics

Seed Keeper Deluxe:  Pictured above

Burlap Girdle: Short on space?  Try these collapsible pots

7 thoughts on “Seed Keeper Deluxe: Organized Seeds, Happy Gardener

  1. You must be in professional organizer’s heaven with this wonderful tool! Eleanor would have approved, don’t you think so?


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