Mellow Yellow, Garden Gold

Yellow is a happy color. It exudes warmth and cheer. In the garden, it weaves its way through most seasons: striking daffodils in the spring, followed by snapdragons and sunflowers in the summer and fall.  As the blooms fade, several trees take over, dropping golden-yellow leaves in.

What’s unusual this year is the number of summer plants still in bloom.  Our deciduous trees have lost most of their leaves in time for winter solstice. I thought the snaps were done until several days of heavy rain.  Now they’re back to in soft, buttery shades of yellow.

A tomato plant still towers in the side yard, sending out tiny yellow blooms. Several pumpkin plants self-seeded and flowered as well.  Even in California, it’s unusual to see pumpkins bloom so late in the year. I’m trying to squelch my fears about global warming.  Perhaps my garden’s micro-climate is simply in sync with the menopausal gardener.

Using yellow in the garden from Sensational Color:

  •  Yellow is considered a warm color in landscape design.
  • Yellow’s appearance in the garden has a stimulating effect.
  •  Yellow flowers come forward in the landscape, helping to make a large garden feel cozier.
  •  Yellow lilies make for a bright, long blooming addition to any garden.
  •  Yellow’s complimentary color in the garden is purple.

The Snapdragons returned after a heavy rain. I didn’t notice the tiny grey spider when I took the picture.

Yellow Wildflower

Yellow Wildflower Still Blooming

Pumpkin Flower

It’s mid-December. Do you know where your pumpkin flowers are?

Fruit-Loop Tree?

Fruit-Loop Tree? Nope! Just three stages of an orange

Side Yard Tomato

Side Yard Tomato

Fruit Cocktail Tree Leaves

Fruit Cocktail Tree Leaves

The Color Yellow:

20 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow, Garden Gold

  1. Now that was absolutely beautiful!! Yes I have found it quite weird to see pepper plants outside in Washington DC looking perfectly fine so late in the year. Thanks so much for this post as it really was the sunshine of my day.


  2. I agree, a very happy colour! We’re currently putting a cupboard into the bathroom and I’ve decided to paint the doors yellow, I hoping it will make the room seem warm and cosy even in the winter months 🙂


  3. I’m amazed that you are growing oranges at this time of year. We were sneaky and borrowed a couple of limes from the garden here for our cocktails tonight…what a treat. I have always loved yellow in the garden and especially snaps and lilies…they seemed to make all the pinks and mauves ‘POP’. I also planted a mix of yellow and pink tulips in front of our driveway since the roses didn’t show until early July. As a teen, my bedroom was painted ‘OMG Yellow’. Dad said it was like living on the sun. I don’t think I knew it was going to be ‘as yellow’ when we bought the paint….giggle.


    • OMG Yellow! I love that. I think it was perfect for you, too. It’s hard to put a color on the wall and get exactly what you want. A small swatch just doesn’t cut it. Then you have to consider the amount of natural and artificial light as well as the other colors surrounding it. I tried to convince Mike that a purple accent wall would be lovely in our dining area. He actually thought I was kidding. When he knew I was serious, he could not be convinced. We compromised on a green, used to great affect in other parts of the house. I don’t like it at all though. It’s too blah. Oh well.

      Yes, oranges in California are amazing. My mom loved that about Cali when we moved here.


      • Paint color is really hard to pick isn’t it. Some Websites apparently have a thing to upload a photo of your room and then switch up the paint colour. I haven’t tried it, but that might be fun. I tend to love the coastal look..sand and water. I was flipping thru some mags at the airport and I see neutrals are very big this year…I like that idea…then add spots of colour with art, collections or pillows. I sometimes confer with Jim, but not always because I usually have decided before I ask for his opinion…LOL


        • LOL!

          It’s funny what trends. We started with all white walls, white tile, beige carpet when we moved in. Even the kitchen was white, white and more white. When we remodeled in ’95, we added color and texture everywhere. Now the trends are back to beige. One of the best tips I got from a friend and designer was to paint the ceilings a different color. It’s subtle, but it makes the crown molding really stand out. My problem is I’m never “done.” I like the process and always want to tweak things.


          • Hey, that is a really good tip. I’m putting that one in the memory banks. I think it’s great to constantly be changing the nest, paint is the easiest way to do that. I’m not partial to that sterile look either, mix it up! We remodelled twice in 25 years at the lake. Next time, I’d just move. LOL


            • I know what you mean. It’s so disruptive! Our bamboo floors are in desperate need of refinishing, but we are putting it off till the spring. The thought of emptying our home office is the most daunting. The kitchen, LR, dining area and hall will be easy enough, but oh my goodness this room is filled with crafts, computers, desks, cat accessories. Ugh!


              • Oh, that will be a lot won’t it? I’d wish you luck but I bet no one is as well equipped as you to manage. Do you have this company called ‘PODS’ in San Jose? They are popular here for projects like yours…they bring a container to your driveway and drop it off. It’s temporary on site storage, so you don’t have to re-organize the whole house.


                • We do have PODS here. I used to refer to them as ipods…LOL. We used one seven years ago when new things started arriving for the house, before it was finished. They’re a great service. My clients use them as well.

                  I may be employing them once again. Thanks for your vote of confidence.


                  • I don’t know who started the company, I suppose they are a franchise, but really brilliant idea. I went to the container store while in SD, I’m in love with that store…I wish there were here…I’d be sooooo organized. The gift wrap was awesome too. I’d love to work there and buy it all at a staff discount.


                    • I never get tired of the Container Store! They are a fabulous company, too, on the Fortune 100 list. Great customer service, excellent benefits, training and schedules for their employees, etc. I’ve always been treated so well.

                      I love the gift wrap and think ever year it would be fun to work there for the holidays. They give gift wrap demos. Wouldn’t we have fun working there side by side? The different wraps, bows and bags are amazing.

                      I”m glad you got to pop in to the San Diego store. Our Container Store is in Santana Row.


  4. Santana Row and The Container Store, what a great combo. Throw yourself into the mix and I’d work there for free. LOL That would be the best job in the world. I was looking at their closet systems….so nice. How’d you ever decide? I asked the check-out person, “when are you coming to Canada?”. She said, “we ship to Canada now”…and I said “oh no no, I need to work for you all, I love this store”. They probably have no problem finding staff. I bought some sparkly Aqua tissue and a few small flat-fold box’s. Darn I wish my suitcase wasn’t already full.


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