Who Was That Masked Gardener?

Thank you all for the fab birthday greetings!  I’m still basking in birthday glow! October is such a great month to get older. 😉

Check out the birthday card I received from my family. I’m wearing it!  It’s really a Halloween card, but knowing how much I love the season they usually buy me a Halloween card instead.

Papyrus Card and Mask

Papyrus Card and Mask

The inspiration for my costume this year is a birthday/Halloween card. Designer Bella Pilar has a line of whimsical cards, featuring fabulous and funky dresses  The spotted cat was a natural for me. It’s one of my all time favorite line of cards. Who says you can’t dress up like a greeting card?

Bella Pilar Cards

Bella Pilar Illustrations
Inspiration for this year’s Halloween Costume

Fairy Garden Additions

fairy garden with pumpkins

Additions to the Fairy Garden

fairy garden with lights

Fairy Garden After Dark

The fairies have been busy cheering up the “haunted” fairy garden.  They added a banner and a few pumpkins.  Things are looking a lot more festive.  They’re off collecting apples for an apple-bob.  They might be going for a hay ride through a cemetery later, too. I plan to add a few lights to welcome them back. Things are far less spooky with the lights on.

Halloween Countdown

Mardi Gras Pumpkin

Mardi Gras Pumpkin


  • Papyrus makes unique and artistic greeting cards with beautiful envelopes to match.
  • Mardi Gras in New Orleans, LA.
  • Bella Pillar™ design and illustration.

21 thoughts on “Who Was That Masked Gardener?

  1. You’re so funny..masked Halloween crusader. Defender of all living things, champion of pumpkins. When do you have time to make mini banners and mini pumpkins and celebrate birthdays….so cute and whimsical. I’d drink to that but it’s too many points.


  2. I love the additions to the fairy garden! It certainly is looking even more festive, and I felt the rush of excitement, carried like a jet stream, all the way to So Cal. And your inspiration for your costume is sheer genius. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product, and know that you’ll carry it off in grand style!


    • You are always full of grace and charm. Thank you. It’s such fun to dress up. Costume planning and fairy gardens keep me deeply entrenched in my fantasy world. I might not come out till the election is over!


      • Yes, we love any occasion to dress up…. and I use “occasion” loosely! I’m sure you agree that a dress-up occasion can be conjured from the most meager suggestion….

        We’re not going to do Halloween this year, but are taking advantage of a costume-worthy opportunity, as we celebrate a special private Oktoberfest event at Disneyland in a couple weeks! The park will be closed, and Club 33 members and their guests will have access to Fantasyland, where we’ll enjoy a buffet (with special vegan accommodations) and bier, and be able to go on select rides. Naturally, we’ll be donning our lederhosen and dirndl attire! Wish you were here to join us!


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