Blooming Thursday: Last Call


The party is over. We’ve had a good run. The last of the anemones are finally winding down, with just a few new blooms here and there.

blooming Anemone

A few remaining blooms

We’ve enjoyed eight weeks of snow-white blossoms meandering along the back fence.  The anemones appeared at our dinner table, at my book club and in several gardeningnirvana posts.They helped soften the departure of the summer cosmos.They’ve continued to bloom into early fall, waiting for autumn color to set in before making a quiet retreat.  In a few more weeks the plants will blend in with the other greenery, and if it gets cold enough, they’ll go dormant.  See you next summer!

Katydid on Anemone

What do you mean, the party is over?

anemone spent blooms

Spent and dying blooms

water color edges

Watercolor Edges

Birdhouse Gourd

larger birdhouse gourd

Birdhouse Gorgeous 10/5/12

I’ve decided to rename the gourd below, “birdhouse gorgeous.” I’m stunned at the rapid acceleration in the past ten days. Count me grateful, too, that it’s growing off to the side of the trellis or I would have hit my head on it by now.

birdhouse gourd

Birdhouse Gorgeous 9/6/12

Halloween Countdown

Warm and toasty pumpkins
Handmade scarf by Mary Ann Askins

6 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Last Call

  1. You must be so happy to see your birdhouse gourds are getting bigger now. Wow, they really are going through a spirt! I like Mary Ann’s scarf (& her name, reminds me of cute Mary Ann on Gilligans Island), I’ve seen that hairy wool in the shop and wondered how it would look made up…cute.


    • You would love Mary Ann. Actually, everyone loves Mary Ann. She is warm, kind, thoughtful, gracious and fun. She makes scarves, greeting cards, Jacob’s Ladders (the little wooden stepping toy) and Christmas ornaments, and then sells them at several craft boutiques around the holidays. I’ll have to connect you to her page on Facebook.

      The scarf is so soft. I love it!

      Didn’t you just love Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island. I loved that show.


      • Mary Ann sounds adorable. I think we totally have a lot in common. So, you can be match maker and hook us up? You’re too fun. Gilligan’s Island was one of my very favorite’s…I especially liked when they’d put on some little stage show…remember “you need me”?


  2. The party is winding down over here too but I’m still trying to play the music to keep it going! The first frosts are due very soon so that will be end of play for most flowers.
    Great scarf x


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