ScrapHappy for Flower Cards

Once a month, Kate inspires a group of bloggers to dust off their scraps and embrace the ScrapHappy vibe. I’m always up for the challenge of creating from scraps. Kate is a talented quilter, a raiser of chickens, a gardener, and an all-around good soul. Check out her blog for more inspiration and fun.

It’s fair to say that I took the directive to “dust off your scraps” literally. My friend Donna gave me a pair of National Geographic magazines several years ago. She knew I would appreciate the flower prints in the magazine’s fold.

I’ve pulled out both issues from my drawer many times, but I couldn’t decide what to do with them. It’s one thing to use a five-year-old-scrap but quite another when the scraps are pages of a magazine published over one hundred years ago. The fragile paper doesn’t leave any margin for error.

I decided to turn some of the smaller prints into cards. I trimmed them to size, leaving a small border and the identifying state and the flower’s name.

They needed a little oomph, so after testing on one of the magazine’s ads, I cautiously proceeded. I ran each print through my die machine using a floral embossing folder. It applies just enough pressure to emboss the card without tearing the paper.

Using my green scraps, I found the perfect paper to create four cards.

I had one tear when I tried removing the tape backing. As a result, the California poppy description is on the back of the card. Otherwise, I’m both pleased and relieved with the results.

I’m looking forward to mailing the cards to dear friends.

Are you crafty? Scrappy? Come join us on the 15th of each month and let us see your ScrapHappy creation.

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Postscript: Here are some photo outtakes. Tessa had to get in on the action

35 thoughts on “ScrapHappy for Flower Cards

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words, and your continuing and always-lovely contribution! These cards are absolutely gorgeous; the use of the embossing on the prints is inspired. Bravo on not only salvaging these prints, but also rescuing them from obscurity and sharing them with us.

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  2. These will be treasures to receive. You will know of the late Rosemary Verey. Her daughter, now also late, Davina Wynne-Jones, was a friend of Jessica’s. She has an antique printing press from which she produced cards reproducing illustrations of flowers from her mothers even older books.

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  3. I saw how you did it but I still don’t know how you did it? 🙂 They turned out just stunning and prettier than in just the picture! That’s a complete overhaul of those already beautiful photos. I keep looking at those machines but can’t figure out how they work. I’m glad you have as you are really good at it.


      • Wow! I just went down that rabbit hole. That could be more fun than cutting up fabric. 😉 Spent the afternoon potting a lavender and rosemary plant. Felt so good to have dirt on my hands. Things are shaping up so I can get back to work now. Which embossing machine do you use. I see so many different kinds that it’s worse than deciding on a sewing machine. 🙂 You make the best cards. I’ve saved them all.


        • Ah, yes. The smell and feel of dirt on one’s hands is magical. I love lavender and rosemary. They grow quickly and produce such a lush shrub. I’m glad you like my cards, Marlene. I have all of your cards as well. I looked up my embosser, and it looks like they discontinued it in 2021.

          It was announced that Sizzix is retiring the Vagabond 2. People are being advised to buy it now, as when it is gone, it is gone. There will be a TH version of a fold-away hand crank machine released in April, and a TH version of the Sizzix Switch+ released in August.”

          I’ve heard of the Switch, but as long as mine works, I’m hanging on to it. It’s so much fun, Marlene.

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  4. Gorgeous project as always. I’m a fan of old magazines too. I love reading the advertisements. I wonder if you’d have seen these pretty floral graphics in someone’s parlour back then? Possibly a little freebie NG included in this issue. The embossing folder adds the perfect touch, without hiding any of the vintage beauty! 💗xK

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  5. Oh, Alys! Your cards are absolutely stunning!! You were very brave to attempt embossing with these delicate, vintage, botanical prints, my friend. So glad you tested on a scrap first. Your amazing creativity always inspires me, Alys!💗


    • Thank you, Dawn. I absolutely love embossing, and I’m especially enjoying the new 3D ones. They’re really something. Here I am with more time and space to call my own, and a developing passion for different card-making styles. You’ve always been an inspiration, Dawn.

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