ScrapHappy Snowflake Card

It’s December 15, or in Kate’s speak, time to gather lingering scraps and give them a new life.

I enjoy the challenge of Kate’s ScrapHappy days. Even in December, with the holiday hustle in full swing, it’s nice setting aside some time to craft. I had a sewing project in mind this month, but it will have to wait.

Tis’ the season, so a Christmas card seemed the obvious choice. I used leftover aqua-colored paper strips, gluing them at an angle on scrap paper. After trimming the raw edges, I ran the piece through my paper embosser using a snowflake pattern.ย 

Assembling monochromatic hues of aqua, then embossing them with the snowflake pattern created an interesting texture for the card. I’ve made strip cards before, but I generally use complementary colors.

As luck would have it, I found a scrap of shiny silver paper to frame the card sentiment and the embossed background. This challenge has inspired me to make more monochromatic cards in the future.ย 

It should also inspire me to keep the door closed, but where is the fun in that? One of my embellishments went missing, later recovered and removed from the underbelly of a particular cat. I’ll leave it to you to sort the outcome of the Sticky Kitty Caper.

Kate, thanks for keeping us organized and engaged.

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48 thoughts on “ScrapHappy Snowflake Card

  1. I love how it turned out!!! Looks like something I would have to pay way too much to buy at the store. Love the colors too. I need to get more of that sea-foam color in my next life. So soothing. Mouse and Tessa are trying to encourage? creativity.:)

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    • Thank you, Eliza! My helpers were rescued in interesting ways: Mouse didn’t get the proper care at home and slowly moved in. He’s a character. Tessa was a kitten stow-away in my husband’s Tessla. It took a mechanic 45 minutes to disassemble the front end of the car. I remember reaching in to grab her and sliding her into a cat carrier. When I took her to a quiet room, I was stunned to see that sweet, perfectly divided face. She was about seven weeks old, poor little thing. We adopted Lindy from our local humane society for my son’s eight birthday. She’s 19 and hanging in there. I’m surrounded by love.

      Merry Christmas! It’s been nice reconnecting this year.

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  2. Well now that’s a whole lot of prettiness! Love the silver accents. My old boss Lori N says I’m like a crow. I love everything shiney ๐Ÿ˜€
    So fun to have kitties join you, even if Mouse accidently sneaks your embellishments, LOL ! I love Kittays xo ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’— PS, the doorbell rang 2 minutes ago and it’s from you! I’ve tucked it under my tree ๐ŸŽ„ Thank you sweet Alys xoxoxo K

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    • Tell Lori N that she cracked me up with her crow comment. Thats cute! You’re cute, too, so it fits.

      Mouse is absolutely convinced that he belongs in the middle of everything I’m doing. He would be happy to have me sit on the couch all day while he snoozes pressed to my hip. Tessa is more aloof, so when she crawls into my arms, everything stops for that warm hug. It’s so endearing. I’ve never had a cat that did that. Lindy likes her cuddle time at night, interestingly enough. They all get plenty of love.

      I’m so happy the parcel arrived on time. Sending you a big hup. xo

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    • Thank you, Kate. You lived in the UK so it must be interesting having Aussie Christmas with warm temps, and longer days. Even in San Jose, frosty snowflakes are more Christmas Carol than reality, but I love them anyway.

      Thank you for bringing so many of us together, with your ScrapHappy posts, your quilting projects, and all the other things you do. I appreciate your efforts and I enjoy the results.

      Merry Christmas!


  3. Oh, your cards make me want to try to make my own! And that chubby cat trying to help is endearing. I do like the blues as they reflect the weather being cooler, but we don’t often think of that–then adding something shiny or glittery completes the frost. Lovely.


  4. I love this card too. The monochrome colours (hues?) work so well. It is an idea that needs more play. The snowflake embossing pull the strips together.
    Have a lovely Christmas, dear Alys. I hope it will be surrounded by those who bring you joy.


  5. Love the card and of course “kitties misdemeanor” I remember fondly some of my cats getting into sticky trouble. Apologies for being behind with posts but as I said someone else in ScrapHappy at least I’m still in December!


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