ScrapHappy: Burlap Bookmark Kits

I love it when these monthly scrappy happy posts roll around. Thank you, Kate!

If you’re reading and lurking and perhaps thinking of sharing a scrap-happy project of your own, please join us. Half the fun is coming up with your scrap-to-fabulous project, and the other half is reading all the interesting posts from others.

I recently tidied out a cupboard and hemmed and hawed over this roll of lacy burlap.

Several years ago, I dressed up as Ms. California Drought for a Halloween costume party. I made the sash from a roll of burlap but had quite a bit leftover.

Do you ever find yourself looking at something dozens of times, then seeing it in a different light? That’s what happened with the burlap. It occurred to me that I could make bookmarks, and by extension, craft kits for our Little Free Library. I remember the long summer days when I was a girl looking for something to do, especially when the heat drove us indoors mid-day.

It was fun mocking up the sample. First, I folded the top corners and secured them with a dab of glue. Next, I added a button from my stash, then colored different parts of the lace with my collection of Sharpies.

I packaged instructions and a strip of burlap in wax bags, and added them to my box of craft projects next to the children’s LFL.

Unlike all the other craft kits I’ve set out over the years, these didn’t generate much interest. After a week, only two were gone. I offered them at a neighboring LFL and they were quickly snapped up. Go figure?

I pulled together a few other craft kits for my summer crafts box including items for a make-your-own fairy garden, a couple of felt patterns and some assorted scraps for making cards, all gathered from my happily shrinking stash. The fairy garden kits went quickly

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36 thoughts on “ScrapHappy: Burlap Bookmark Kits

  1. What a lovely Drought Queen you made 😀
    You must be one of the most generous and thoughtful neighbours – what lovely little things you put out for the local children to take. I’m surprised the bookmark kits didn’t go at first. You have reminded me I have a roll of burlap – without the lace pattern – and I’m now thinking I might decorate it somehow and make gift tags.


    • Thank you so much. xo I used to lead crafting projects at the boys respective schools when they were young. This is a fun outlet for me and on the occasion when I hear a squeal outside my office window (recently “Daddy can I PLEASE have a fairy garden kit?” I smile.

      I”m looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the way of gift tags. That’s a great idea! I love swapping crafty ideas.


  2. Maybe the kits were taken from the neighbors box due to timing. Closer to start of school. They are lovely kits for backpacks or book markers. Perfect for school.

    The other kits are wonderful ideas too. You are a thoughtful, beautiful lady.


  3. I had a bit of trouble putting burlap and lace into the same thought, but it looks like a great project. You are so generous to put out craft kits for kids…I was going to say I wish I lived in your neighbourhood just to see what you put out next, but really, you actually are in my scraphappy neighbourhood – Hi neighbour!


    • You made me smile. I agree that burlap lace isn’t something you see everyday. I imagine this product is used for making fall wreaths and the like. I like the idea of being scrap-happy neighbors. Aren’t we lucky to find kindred spirits in this amazing blogging world?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Clever you ! I love that photo from Mrs California Drought, LOL ! What a timely costume. Did you line the entire outfit? I would imagine Burlap being pretty scratchy. Go team Alys!! 💛💛💛


    • Hello, Ms. Boomdee. That was a last-minute costume that year as I was in my Herman Munster boot and originally thought I would miss the party for surgery. I ended up having surgery about a week later. I used a green slip from a thrift store, one I had used previously in two other costumes. I put the slip on my dress form and hand-sewed raffia over the dress, then held it in place with some wide green ribbon.

      It was scratchy under the armpits as I recall. I think I may have added some bias tape to hold the scratchy bits under wraps. Thanks for your visit.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are a whiz with the costumes. Hand sewing that all on, what dedication ! I think I have extra sensitive skin. I can’t wear things with tags or anything made of wool. I’ve even once recovered a foot stool, using a very pretty sweater as the filling because it made me crazy to wear it. But it was hand made by a friend. 🤣 I sometimes will wear things inside out if the tag is scratchy…LOL, what a weird friend you have 💛💛💛


  5. What a clever use for the leftover sash! It could be the kids in your neighborhood are at a different level than the other neighborhood. I love the idea of coloring the lace. I bought lace paint years ago. Still have it and used it ONCE! Still purging. I may have to think about the sharpie idea. Good one. I read this once and got lost before leaving a comment. Sigh…


    • Hello MH! It was surprisingly fun coloring the lacy parts of that burlap. I didn’t know there was such a thing as lace paint. What did you use it for? Was it fun? As for the bookmark kits, it’s hard to say. I’ve become a regular now at a downtown San Jose LFL that is often mostly empty or partially filled with off-season books (Christmas in June) or text books (recently how to sell real estate). It’s kind of sad. I’m going to continue to share resources there.

      I wish I could come help you purge. We had so much fun on my last visit. xo

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      • Purging is hard when you know you may never get to open those boxes again. I have a hard time with the books, fabrics and sentimental things but the living room is stacked with things to go somewhere. I don’t think as many people value books anymore. I have a huge stack of gardening books to go somewhere but no one wants them. It’s good to do this every few years to keep from being buried by your stuff. I’ll send a note and pictures soon. Love and hugs.


  6. A wonderful idea, and to learn how popular your “kits are” – I found a large roll of tape recently (usual thing, couldn’t bare to throw it away) and printed on it in black on white tape “Made in NZ” – probably acquired it at a closing down factory clothing shop or similar….


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