So Many Scraps, So Little Time

I look forward to Kate’s monthly crafting challenge. Kate encourages the art of creating something beautiful or useful or both, made entirely out of scraps.

My volunteer work has kept me busy this month, so in addition to challenging myself to craft with scraps, I also challenged myself to find windows of time for creativity. I made a simple to-do list to go along with the lengthy one. The simple list says: Blog, garden, craft, repeat. It’s a reminder to take time for myself doing some of the things I love.

My favorite scrap-happy project this month is a thank-you card. I made the card for the recipient using the envelope from one of her cards. The colors are a calming blue and green, with a splash of orange.

Here’s the envelope with the flaps opened flat.

I cut a piece from the front that incorporated several of the colors, above.

I embossed the section with a flower pattern, then trimmed it to a clean rectangle.

Of course, having my name in the center of the card wouldn’t do. So, I took another piece of the envelope, embossed a scrap, and used it to hide my name.

I embossed a few more scraps to bring color and texture to other parts of the card.

I used a scrap of white card-stock to cut the word “thanks” and another scrap to make a white folding card.

Here is the finished card, above. I used the remaining scraps to create a label for the front of the mailing envelope and for a seal for the back. I wanted to include credit for the envelope art, so I put her name on the back of my card.

The scraps were too small to make a label, so I pieced them together, then cut with one of my dies.

Ironically, my next scrappy project is an envelope. Elizabeth loves horses, and spends her spare time on a ranch. She buys bags of carrots before she goes. I traced an envelope template onto carrot-patterned paper, leftover from an Easter pack. I cut a scrap of green card stock, used brown ink around the edges for a distressed look, then wrapped it with a scrap of leather from a pair of old bootlaces. I secured the edges of the leather with waxed thread that has been rolling around my sewing box since 1980!

My last and quirkiest entry this month is my nautical jewelry. I tied a piece of jute string around the neck of this tiny bottle. The bottle held a single-serving of hot sauce either at a restaurant or on a flight. I don’t remember. I rescued it from its likely destination (the trash) and used it once for a costume. It recently resurfaced, and I’ve pressed it into use as a necklace. I wrapped the bottle with nautical-themed Washi tape, and scrapped my way to an original piece of jewelry.

The necklace also doubles as a cat toy.

That’s a scrap (wrap)!

Do you have scraps laying around the place waiting for a new life? Come join us for future scrap-happy posts.

Thanks for hosting, Kate.

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33 thoughts on “So Many Scraps, So Little Time

  1. awesome recovery of “intended or not intended” for the trash…Catherine who has a lot of all sorts of things but I never truly think of them as scraps…


    • Catherine, it’s amazing what makes it into drawers and bins in our homes. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of making something beautiful from a scrap, or in this case an envelope and bottle that would land in the trash. I’m looking forward to seeing what you might come up with from your stash. Alys


  2. That is a beautifully recycled envelope and I love the carrot themed one – you have a knack for thinking of just the right thing for just the right person, x


    • Thank you, Lynn. I love matching the card to the sender, and find it all the more fun when I can create from scraps. I couldn’t believe my luck when I fished out that carrot piece of paper. Kismet. xo


    • You are so sweet, Cathy. Thank you. I’ve seen evidence of your creativity in so many ways, that I’m sure you could craft a card as well.

      I’ve been so concerned about you as we see photos and news of the floods. I hope you and yours are okay. Our poor planet. xo

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lisa, Thank you for your kind words. I’m often tired at the end of the day I volunteer, but I like the idea of creating something every day. It’s so therapeutic. I joined Weight Watchers at the start of the year and I’ve lost close to thirty pounds. I’m fluxuating up and down by four or five pounds, but I’m determined to maintain this healthier weight. XO


      • Well, the healthier weight looks really good on you–I almost asked if you’d lost weight, but that’s a bear trap of possible interpretations, so I didn’t–You just looked good, so that’s what I said–and it holds true whether you lost weight or not. I’m trying to get 6 more pounds of Covid weight off. I hope it will be gone by the end of summer…


        • I love that Lisa: “…a bear trap of possible interpretations.” You made me giggle.

          I have a friend who gains weight around her belly and she was just sharing how infuriating it was when people assumed AND commented on her pregnancy!

          Thank you for your kind words and best of luck knocking down those Covid pounds. It think it’s easier in the summer because we are naturally moving more. Lots of healthy options, too, like the delicious bowl of peaches we enjoyed last night. Yum!

          I’ll keep my eyes peeled for your next blog.


  3. No one will realize the profound change you made to such a simple envelope that I did not even recognize when it arrived. I didn’t see that it was the one I sent you until I read this post. The transformation if miraculous! There really aren’t enough adjectives. I loved the card and envelope when I sent them and even more so when you sent it back! My goodness, Alys, I’m blown away. Your other card here is so cute too and I love the tiny bottle. Little things of all sort intrigue me. Great cat toy. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • MH I’m delighted to read your comment. I thought of you the entire time I worked on the card. It’s fun transforming something as simple as an envelope into a pretty card. And since there is a good chance that the sender of a card chooses something they like, I felt certain you would like a card made from the same design/designer.

      Thank you for your kind words. You made my day.

      I too love tiny things. Crafting is so much fun.

      It will be nice to chat on Monday. xo

      Liked by 1 person

  4. How clever are you ! I really should use my embossing folders more often. It looks so pretty! I imagine everyone that handles these pretty envelopes on the way to the recipient must smile. Way to make a postee’s day brighter too! xoK


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