Sunday Snapshot: Tripping Hazards and Mackerel Skies

It’s early Sunday evening here in San Jose. We’re holding our proverbial breath for the next 24 hours as a weather front passes through. We’re in a “severe drought” with fire conditions two months ahead of the norm. The last thing we need is the predicted round of dry lightening. Last year similar conditions started wildfires up and down the state with devastating results. The weather warnings make it hard to relax.

I hosted our book club this week for the first time in two years. We gathered in the garden for a catch-up and a light meal. I filled my tiered vintage basket with fresh lemons, and debuted my new tablecloth. It’s the little things, eh?

The following snapshots are from the garden this week. Our Bougainvillea is filling out beautifully, and the pink bracts frame the tiny white flower within. Mama finch

never returned to her nest, so after climbing on a ladder to be sure she didn’t leave eggs behind, I removed her nest so we could finally open the patio drapes. Our wisteria is in bloom for the second time this season. The flowers were more spectacular in the spring, but now lush green vines show-off the new color. The green and yellow Japanese forest grass reminds me a little of the character Cousin Itt from the 1960s TV show The Addam’s Family. The last photo is of Tessa wrapped between my feet, posing a tripping hazard. I managed to remain upright nonetheless.

Photos appear in a gallery view. Click on individual pictures to enlarge.

I’m sending good vibes to our friends in Germany where the weather has been unkind. My heart goes out to you. Alys

25 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: Tripping Hazards and Mackerel Skies

  1. I’ve never really fancied joining a book club -I’m afraid it would remind me too much of an English Literature lesson from school/university. However, I’d definitely come to yours. 😀
    Fingers crossed you don’t suffer too much from the impending weather – England is having a mini heatwave at the moment but it doesn’t feel over-hot to me at the moment in comparison to where we lived in France. Next year I suppose I’ll be re-acclimatised to the climate and I’ll find 30 degrees too uncomfortable again.


    • Lynn, I’m smiling at your book club description. We often joke that it’s just an excuse to drink wine and catch up on life. These last two gatherings didn’t even involve a book! When we were more active, I enjoyed the challenge of reading something I might not otherwise pick up (there are eight of us, so we each choose a book a year).

      It’s strange to see heatwaves in England and Canada, flooding in Germany and monsoon conditions in California. None of those things are common. Here, the dry lightening happens once in about five years. Now we’ve experienced it two years in a row.

      I’m glad you’ve acclimated to the heat from your time in France. I hope that helps going forward.


  2. Aah, it all looks so lovely Alys. Beautiful flowers and lovely decorations. Have a good week, and hopefully a cooler one. Wish we could send you some of the rain clouds hanging over the Alps. It is still dry in our region though…. third day in a row without rain, after such a wet spell! Phew! 😃


    • Thank you, Cathy. It’s fun sprucing things up for a gathering. It went by in a flash.

      We would gladly take some of that rain off your hands. I’m relieved to hear that you’ve had three dry days in a row. I hope the flood waters are receding, but my goodness so much work lies ahead.


  3. Book Club in your lovely garden must have been a wonderful experience, especially after so long. Wandering through your garden was a delight. It is chilly here, especially today, with a max of 13 degrees. However, I can understand your anxiety of drought and high fire risk. Hugs to you my friend.


    • I mentioned to Kate the other day that Australia has long been one of my holiday destination dreams. I hope we can get ahead of COVID sooner than later, so I can come see you, your garden, your art, in person.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my garden pics. I feel so lucky to have all that green surrounding me, along with the beautiful nature it attracts. It’s a calm oasis in our troubled world.



  4. Alys your garden looks like a place of peace and joy. Nature doesn’t seem to have stopped misbehaving all over the world. Here in NZ either some Polar Blast from Antarctica or floods in coastal regions, and the temperatures wintery for sure.
    At one point I belonged to a Book Club, until the day one our members produced his own book – it was badly written and most of us didn’t know what to say, although the author a man, thought it was wonderful… I think that was the day I decided to resign!


  5. Your garden is so lovely and peaceful in appearance. I’m hoping for an early fall and some relief from the heat everyone worldwide seems to be experiencing. We are having a slight cooling this week and I’m heading outside to start painting the front porch. Only half done so I have to hurry. Thinking of you with fingers crossed.


    • Thank you, MH. An early fall sounds good to me, especially if it arrives with rain. We were driving around today doing various errands, and it is brown everywhere. We spotted several trees that had caught fire near freeway exits, either encampments or tossed cigarettes. It is so scary.

      I’m glad you’ve had some cooler days. I hope the painting is done and that you’re pleased with the results.

      We managed to avoid the dreaded dry lightening strikes. That said, its shocking to see so many fires in California this early.


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