Unremarkable Achilles Tendon

That was the good news.

I met with my doctor last week to review the findings of my foot MRI. Now that I know what’s going on, it explains why all the other interventions weren’t working. In medical speak, I have a:

near-complete tearing of the peroneus brevis. The tearing begins just posterior to the lateral malleolus and extends the length of the tendon to its distal insertion on the base of fifth metatarsal. Impending complete tear/rupture cannot be excluded.

There is an approximate 2.4 x 0.7 cm conglomeration ganglion cysts abutting the periphery of the peroneus brevis at the level of the lateral malleolus inferior tip.

and finally, the partial tearing/longitudinal split tearing of the peroneus brevis tendon demonstrates prominent intrasubstance cystic dilatation of the tendon measuring approximately 4.2 x 1.2 cm throughout the length of the tendon from the lateral malleolus to its distal insertion. Findings likely represent prominent intrasubstance ganglion cyst formation within the torn tendon.

Did you get all that? I think Google Translate should add medical terminology to their list of translatable languages. I really struggled to understand the report.  In short, I need surgery

I’m already feeling emotionally vulnerable getting my son off to college, so the tears bubbled up. It was a lot to take in

Dr. Sheth wants me to have surgery yesterday and I want to have surgery never, so we’re trying to come up with a compromise. I’m getting a second opinion on Monday, but I don’t expect a radically different approach. After leaving Sheth’s office with my report, I stayed up till 2 am researching the specifics.  My stomach did a few cartwheels after viewing the more graphic images so I finally turned away form the computer and carried my weary bones to bed.

I’m worn out from months of dealing with the escalating pain, and now the added burden of wearing a pneumatic walking brace. I have a pitiful case of Feeling Sorry For Myself.

alys and kelly big chair

In lighter and brighter news, Boomdee is coming to town! I can hardly believe it. Just one week from today, she’ll swoop down from the great city of Edmonton, bringing her special brand of joyful effervescence. We’ll talk for hours and we’ll laugh and sing. Seriously, we sang the Boomdeeadda song into her smart phone on one of her prior visits. You can hear our musical debut here.  We’ll stay up too late because there is always one more thing to say while I’ll do my best to slow time. I. Can’t. Wait.

16 thoughts on “Unremarkable Achilles Tendon

  1. Damn Alys! I don’t even want to hit ‘like’ but did just to say I’ve been by ….. On the plus side you now know what the issue is. Getting good ‘alternatives to surgery’ advice may be more challenging to track down – but is out there if your know where to look. Why is it all these emotionally draining issues arise at once!!. I know for me that dealing with chronic pain lowers my ability to bear one more bit of hard news – if tears flow, let ’em flow I say! Tendons is a better diagnosis than some of the others that may have been offered up I suppose – that’s just me looking for the silver lining where we can 🙂 And I assume the surgery will be minor rather than major?? Or am I just being hopeful again? I hope you get your time with Boomdee before surgery – but even if you don’t she will be a real tonic to have around!!

    I feel like I’m rambling – but really just want to say I’m relieved you have a diagnosis at last, relieved there is a solution to the problem and that when all is over you will be walking pain free again. And Boomdee is coming to town! It’s not all bad 🙂 xoxo

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  2. Oh look at us! We’re so little, I love that chair LOL
    It was fun listening to our recording again too. One day I really should hang around and read some of my old posts, they can be rather entertaining…hehe.

    On the home front, I’m relieved to hear your news. The most horrendous things go through my brain when left to guess or wonder. It sounds traumatic now, but before you know it, you’ll be right as rain. Have you ever had surgery before? I’ve been under for my molar extractions and an eye surgery so I know I’m ok with anesthetics. You’re smart to get a second opinion. Lori, the gal I work for had a really surprising and horrible experience with a wrong diagnosis just recently. A Dr. in a small community told her dad he had inoperable Cancer which turned out totally wrong. They almost sold their farm. The family naturally was devastated over that diagnosis and started making arrangements that you do when you get that news. Lori’s mom was sick with worry. They got no apology from that Dr at all. Very insensitive and unacceptable.

    On a happier front, I’m going to start packing on the weekend and assuming it’s business as usual in the weather department, I shall pack for summer weather. We had a bright sunny day here today, but the nights are really cool and lots of places have gotten frost. By the time I get back, the trees will probably be very bare. That’s a shame because it’s so beautiful around town. All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey,California dreaming, xoxo pbk

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    • I can’t tell you how much I wish that there wold be time during your visit to have a quick chat on the phone. I’d love to hear your voices.
      Since the “fullness of life” will likely make that impossible I will just imagine your joy and the fun you’ll have together.
      Love you both!

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  3. Oh, Alys! I will be thinking of you each day… and sending you healing thoughts! I’m very sorry to hear that surgery is on the horizon. However, that also means that very soon you will be pain free. It will be so delightful to have a dear friend visiting! Oh, I can just imagine the fun times ahead! It will lighten your heart and make time fly! Do let us know how you are doing in the days ahead, Alys. Sending big hugs! ♡


  4. Big hugs Alys! Thank goodness you at least know what it is now…. or sort of know with all that jatgon to comprehend! So glad your friend is visiting to cheer you up. Keep smiling and try not to worry about the surgery which will have you hopping around again in no time. 😉 xox


  5. So this is my take: thank goodness the answer has been found! Even when the diagnosis is a tough one, it is always good to know there is a reason and that it can be fixed.
    Ah yes, it is easy for me to say that. I’ve not just shipped my son off to school! You’ve had a rough road lately Alys, and knowing that surgery is pending seems like one more thing you don’t need. The silver lining? At some point down the road the pain will be gone and you’ll feel so much better. I am relieved that the tear can be repaired but want to know how it happened (ie which came first? The tear or the cyst?). I’ll have to be doing some of my own research as this is not my part of the body 🙂
    Keep us informed, please, as things go along, and in the meantime, enjoy counting down those minutes til Boomdee arrives!!
    Love you much!


  6. I’ve never had surgery so it’s easy for me to say this, but go for it! Get the pain and rehab behind you and get back to real life! Have your visit with your friend first, though, and save up all those positive feelings to last you through the scary stuff. And keep us posted!


  7. I read this last night on my tablet but waited till this morning to comment. I had ganglion cysts in both wrists. VERY painful and finally had the one aspirated. It was so uncomfortable to have that done, 30 years ago or so that the other one just disappeared on it’s own. That kind of pain is excruciating. Add the tendon and I’m surprised you have not lost your mind with the pain. Surgery is no piece of cake no matter how minor. You are wise to take your time in evaluating it. Pain is exhausting so rest as much as possible and feel no guilt over it. Your body is asking for time. You are stepping into a new future. Maybe a bit reluctantly? Sit, have a good cry, commiserate with someone who understands, rest and then after you have looked at all your options, you will be ready to move forward. Don’t let yourself be pushed before you are ready. We are all here to cheer you on. I hope you can fully enjoy your visit with so much discomfort trying to walk. Her energy will be a big help. Giant hugs.


  8. Goodness, Alys! I’m glad you’ve got an answer even if it’s not one you want. Do your research, get a second opinion and make sure the surgeon does this kind of thing A LOT. In the meantime, have a great time with Boomdee and sing some more!! Singing is a cure for much!

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