If Slinky Had a Thought Bubble

When I was sorting and editing photos this morning it hit me: Slinky needs a thought bubble.

slinky in the sun

Here’s what I think it might say:

My appetite is back You gotta love that thyroid medication.

or perhaps…

Finally that miserable heat wave is over. I thought it would never end.

maybe she’s thinking

I never miss my morning sun bath. I love vitamin D.


My shiny black fur looks like chocolate in the morning light. Is that why she keeps pointing that flashy thing at me?

Wouldn’t life be interesting if we were all walking around with our own thought bubbles? I’m sure there’s a Halloween costume idea in there somewhere.

What would your thought bubble say today?

14 thoughts on “If Slinky Had a Thought Bubble

  1. My thought bubble was “oh, look,awwwww it’s Slink” That’s an awesome photo my dear.
    On a personal level, my thought bubbles are like a tower of Jengla blocks, all teetering precariously, LOL. Sample, “my coffee’s gone cold, Oh there’s dew on the garage roof, remember your lunch today, where should we go for dinner, ask Alys about the Container Store, Lotto day, $60 million, get a ticket”……that’s about it! No wonder I’m here and there, I need to focus 😀 xoxoxoxox eeeeeek, 5 days!


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