Unremarkable Achilles Tendon

That was the good news.

I met with my doctor last week to review the findings of my foot MRI. Now that I know what’s going on, it explains why all the other interventions weren’t working. In medical speak, I have a:

near-complete tearing of the peroneus brevis. The tearing begins just posterior to the lateral malleolus and extends the length of the tendon to its distal insertion on the base of fifth metatarsal. Impending complete tear/rupture cannot be excluded.

There is an approximate 2.4 x 0.7 cm conglomeration ganglion cysts abutting the periphery of the peroneus brevis at the level of the lateral malleolus inferior tip.

and finally, the partial tearing/longitudinal split tearing of the peroneus brevis tendon demonstrates prominent intrasubstance cystic dilatation of the tendon measuring approximately 4.2 x 1.2 cm throughout the length of the tendon from the lateral malleolus to its distal insertion. Findings likely represent prominent intrasubstance ganglion cyst formation within the torn tendon.

Did you get all that? I think Google Translate should add medical terminology to their list of translatable languages. I really struggled to understand the report.  In short, I need surgery

I’m already feeling emotionally vulnerable getting my son off to college, so the tears bubbled up. It was a lot to take in

Dr. Sheth wants me to have surgery yesterday and I want to have surgery never, so we’re trying to come up with a compromise. I’m getting a second opinion on Monday, but I don’t expect a radically different approach. After leaving Sheth’s office with my report, I stayed up till 2 am researching the specifics.  My stomach did a few cartwheels after viewing the more graphic images so I finally turned away form the computer and carried my weary bones to bed.

I’m worn out from months of dealing with the escalating pain, and now the added burden of wearing a pneumatic walking brace. I have a pitiful case of Feeling Sorry For Myself.

alys and kelly big chair

In lighter and brighter news, Boomdee is coming to town! I can hardly believe it. Just one week from today, she’ll swoop down from the great city of Edmonton, bringing her special brand of joyful effervescence. We’ll talk for hours and we’ll laugh and sing. Seriously, we sang the Boomdeeadda song into her smart phone on one of her prior visits. You can hear our musical debut here.  We’ll stay up too late because there is always one more thing to say while I’ll do my best to slow time. I. Can’t. Wait.