Snow-in-a-Can, Winter Wonderland

Early last week, I received a package in the mail.  Not just any old package, but a package from a garden gnome named Alyster.  He’s a clever little fellow, small enough to fit in your hand, but full of big ideas.

Alyster says he’s “up to his eyeballs in snow” and wishes he could come back to stay in sunny California.  I wish he would come and stay, too.  I need to check in with his traveling companion, Boomdee.

Since Alyster is missing the sun, he thought I might be missing the snow.  (You are so right, Alyster).  That clever garden gnome sent me snow-in-a-can.  Just add water and watch the snow grow.  Along with the snow came a tiny glass igloo, and the smallest scarf you’ve ever seen.

snow in a can

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So what does one do with snow-in-a-can, a tiny igloo and a pint-sized red scarf?  You make a snow globe!

Several years ago, my friend Marcia sent us this super-cool acrylic globe.  We’ve used it in many ways over the years.  It was a terrarium for a while till the plants outgrew it.  One year we filled it with colored silk Christmas ornaments.  It’s also beautiful unadorned.

Acrylic globe

Acrylic globe

This season it’s a tiny winter wonderland.  Here’s what I did:

I filled the bottom with airfill packing, then topped with a paper plate, cut to fit the opening.

Airplus Packing material

AIRplus Packing material

I foraged a couple of Christmas ornaments from our tree to help set the scene.  We bought the tiny wooden snowman for our first tree 18 years ago.  We were starting from scratch so we bought a small tree and even smaller ornaments at a local import store.  The little door decoration came from our local Hallmark store the year we remodeled our house.

snow globe details

Snow globe details

I added sprigs of Christmas greens, a small pathway and then it was time to let it snow.  I haven’t had this much fun in ages.

It’s ‘snowing’ on WordPress throughout December.  I can’t wait to hit the publish key so I can watch the snow falling on my winter wonderland.

PS…Alyster, I found your flip-flops.  You left them on the bottom of the box.  Please pop over to pick them up whenever you like.  🙂  I’ll keep the light on for you.

snow globe

Snow globe

under the dome

Under the dome

falling snow

Now just linger over this last photo and wait for the snow to fall


23 thoughts on “Snow-in-a-Can, Winter Wonderland

  1. Gosh – another Boomdee inspired bit of fun – just beautiful Alys!
    I couldn’t figure out what you were going to do with that air fill plastic stuff until I saw the second to last photo – and then all fell into place. Ah – so clever – so ingenious! I love that acrylic globe , it could be used for so many events! Your little snow scene has worked beautifully, the snow man could have been specially made for just this purpose and the igloo looks so pretty.

    There has been an over abundance of lovely creativity from you two today – I am inspired – but the sun is out and the garden calls …..


  2. I am absolutely smiling from ear to ear. When I helped Alyster post his little package, I couldn’t even have imagined the magic that you have spun. OMGosh, that globe is just the holy grail of winter fairylands, HAhahah, I’m so excited 😀 It’s just like going to the North Pole, hehe. I absolutely lingered over your last photo and went, ‘awwwwww’. ((( You )))

    The little door is perfection and when I read the greeting on the glass window I thought about my very own dream…..a new home. A home where I will host you and spoil you rotten. I’m so glad you had fun, we knew you would and we love to think of you smiling in the warm California sun, just the way we left you last xoxoxoxo. I love you! xK


    • (((((Boomdee)))) You’re smiling! I’m smiling! Who knew snow in a can and a tiny little gnome could bring such joy. You bring such joy. As soon as I opened the box, the idea came over me. I had so much fun pulling it all together. It was all the perfect size and worked well together. It was also just the right amount of snow. I’m keeping the dome in place to keep it from drying out so it should last a few weeks. I might get a spray bottle and mist it to keep it damp.

      I hope the new home greeting is a good harbinger of your own home sweet home to come. I know you are determined to settle in. It has been so frustrating for you.

      I know your condo is small, but you work wonders with it. It looks cozy and beautiful in every photo.

      Thank you for everything, including the special chocolates. Oh yum…those went fast. LOL.


      • A Snow Globe is just so perfect. I’ve never seen anything like it, what a fun gift that you’ve used now so many ways. I just noticed too, the tiniest little gift at the door, Omgosh how fun! Maybe it’s more chocolates. LOL, glad you enjoyed those. They are Jim’s absolute favourite, they’re made locally without preservatives or waxes. Oh man, it smells really good in there. I’ll clip a pic on FB that they took for me. I thought I might post about them one day but I wanted to see if I could interview a Chocolatier.

        Thank you for your compliments on our home hon. I still try and make it cozy, as far as we are missing our special things. I so appreciate you cheering us on, I do feel desperate at times. We are reminded how very lucky we are though, because the rental availability in Edmonton is at historic lows. It’s very tight. Only 1.4 % vacancy, so we are lucky to have this at this price. There are families waiting in hotels. Here’s the latest story from just last week:


        • More chocolates…Nooooooooo! My waistline can’t take it. 🙂

          That would be great interviewing a chocolatier. Ask them to share all the bad qualities in chocolate and how I should stop eating it with gusto, okay?

          The little present on the doorsteop was originally stuck to he side of the snowman but wanted to come off. You are sweet to notice.

          Wow…1.4% vacancy. That’s approaching New York city standards. Waiting in a hotel??? Crazy. I’ll follow the link you thoughtfully provided to read more. xox


        • Oh boy that was depressing news. $1450 for a one bedroom. My sister’s friend is renting a studio, old and without even a dishwasher, for $900 a month. She was just laid off from her job, and may have to move in with her adult son. Crazy.


    • LOL…Mr. Firstyear. You crack me up. He’s feeling warm and special now (well…as warm as a snowman can get I suppose) but definitely feeling special…like me. Your packages in the mail are over the top wonderful. I adore you and your amazing creativity.


  3. I just came from Boomdee’s blog where she showed her beautiful tins, and now here you are with her gift to you turned into a beautiful snow globe.
    No wonder you two get along so well!


  4. Alys, you have a mind like a steel trap where creativity is concerned. That is just inspirational what you have come up with. I’m thinking you and Boomdee have an electric chemistry between you that feeds you both more and more creativity. I love the snow GLOBE!


    • Awww….(((Marlene))) Thanks for that sweet and generous compliment. We do seem to have an amazing connection, a yin and yang if you will. I feel so lucky.

      I’m really glad you like the snow globe. It was a blast making it. It just flowed together in no time. How often does that happen?

      I hope you are enjoying the season. xox


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