Snoopy in a Snow Globe

Growing up in the late sixties and early seventies, we all looked forward to the once-a-year Christmas specials. Long before Netflix and DVRs, if you wanted to see a Christmas special you had to be in front of a TV at 7:30 pm sharp. We didn’t always have a TV so we would often watch at a friend’s.

My favorite Christmas specials included How the Grinch Stole Christmas and the iconic A Charlie Brown Christmas. I related to Charlie Brown’s underdog status. I went to school with unkind girls like Lucy. But the real joy came from the wonderful scenes with the ever-confident Snoopy and Woodstock. Snoopy’s scenes, animated to Guaraldi’s extraordinary music, are what made it special.

So when I decided to reprise my snow globe this year, Snoopy and Woodstock made it to center stage.

snow globe snoopy detail

Snoopy and Woodstock ornament

Several years ago, my friend Marcia gave the boys an acrylic globe. Weโ€™ve used it as a terrarium for a while till the plants outgrew it. Another year we filled it with round, silk ornaments. Itโ€™s also beautiful unadorned.

Two years ago I made my first snow globe with Snow-in-a-can, a gift from my friend Kelly.

This year I filled the bottom of the globe with a scrap of poly fiberfill. I added a piece of cardboard cut to size. For some added sparkle, I covered the cardboard with a piece of iridescent cellophane I saved from last year. It once wrapped a plate of brownies from a friend. It reminds me of ice under a sunny sky.

Snow globe collage A - E

Snow Globe: Setting the Stage

I opened a packet of Snow-in-a-can, added water and voila. I rolled a few tiny hobby shop trees in the snow to set the scene.

snow globe snow in a can

Rolling a tiny tree in some artificial snow

Santa’s sleigh came together using a pair of felted stickers.

snow globe felt hats for sleigh

Felt hats become a small sleigh

snow globe sleigh detail

Tiny hobby shop trees rolled in “snow” and a sleigh made from craft supplies

Our darling snowman is one of the tiny ornaments we bought our first year of marriage. His scarf is a gift from Kelly.

snow globe detail snowman

The wee snowman is an 20-year-old ornament. His red scarf is a gift from Kelly and Alyster the Gnome

Here is the snow globe all put together. Now sit back and enjoy the falling snow, brought to us by WordPress this time of year.*


snow globe Mouse and Alys

Photographed outdoors to get the good light. The snow globe now sits in our living room. Mouse sits wherever he wants to because he’s a cat.

snow globe with Mouse talking

Mouse always has something to say

*WordPress should figure out a snow alternative for our blogging friends in the Southern Hemisphere.

33 thoughts on “Snoopy in a Snow Globe

  1. Your snow globe is just awesome, Alys!! And to be put together with items that hold special meaning is icing on the cake (or snow on the doghouse, if you wish ๐Ÿ˜„). Your two favorites are among mine, but I’ll add the ever popular “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “White Christmas.” It just isn’t Christmas for me without watching these classics! Merry Christmas to you and your family ๐ŸŽ„โค๏ธ

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  2. What a cute snow globe. I love Snoopy. Will the fairy garden get its own snow globe too? WordPress could give us some gentle falling raindrops. That would be welcome. And a lot nicer than the massive hailstorm that came (for real) the other day.


  3. Ha! I forgot all about the snow effect on free wordpress. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sweet Mouse. I think he’d approve of your snow globe even more if there was a cat in it. Good grief–was there ever a cat in any Charlie Brown cartoon? We managed to push record when the Christmas cartoons came on TV but we always missed Rudolph. We also kept the commercials in which was kind of cool later. Advertisements for Kate and Ally, York Peppermint Patties, Doublemint gum. What a hoot!


    • I love the snow effect. It makes me happy every time I see it, perhaps triggering memories of my childhood home in Ontario, Canada.

      I will search the world over this year for three miniature cats for next year’s snow globe. I don’t want Mouse to feel left out. Ha! As far as he is concerned, the world already revolves around him. No hurt feelings there.

      What fun to have saved the old commercials. Those would be a hoot.

      Thanks for popping by, Leilani.


  4. I’ve never seen an animated Snoopy movie – but still love the cartoons that now and again show up – Snoopy is a great favourite in this family too ๐Ÿ™‚ This new version of your globe is wonderful – I thought the sleigh especially ingenious! This globe has been the most amazing gift don’t you think – I love how you keep reinventing it. I believe if I ever came across one I would immediately think of you and buy it just so I could play along!

    *I think WordPress still has to clock there IS another hemisphere!


    • Snoopy seems to have universal appeal. It’s extraordinary to think that a cartoonist created a character based on a puppy, then infused that cartoon with so much life and personality. What a gift. I’ve been wanting to go to the Charles Schultz Museum but have yet to visit. It’s about a two hour’s from here, just far enough that I don’t quite make it since it would be four hour’s round trip.

      I’m glad you like the latest snow globe. I’m finally regaining some energy so I could sit at the table and create. It felt good.

      The globe has been an extraordinary gift. It has a simple elegance about it that invites creativity.

      Let’s all write to WP and suggest some southern hemisphere action.


  5. This is such a sweet, delicate snow dome. One of the things I love about your creations is the way you repurpose odds and ends — the hats becoming a sleigh is Christmas magic! I am glad that you have more energy, and that you are using your energy to create things that make you feel better. I always loved Snoopy too, and loved to borrow the comic books from the library.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family, Alys, and thanks for the joy you bring through your blog.๐ŸŽ„


    • Anne you’ve brought me such joy with your comments. Thank you!

      I love the challenge of creating with this and that. It’s brings joy to the process somehow if that makes sense.

      It is such a relief to get some energy back. I guess your body guides you, so when I needed healing most, I needed sleep and rest, too. It occurred to me that this is the first week where I’m not needing a nap to make it through the day.

      Snoopy is a friend to all. What a remarkable creation.

      Merry Christmas to you, too.๐ŸŽ„


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  7. Okay first: you will laugh at me but I read this sentence (I opened a packet of Snow-in-a-can, added water and voila) as “added water and vodka”. HA! Guess you know my mind is ready for a cocktail!
    Love the snow globe! What a clever idea, Alys!
    And yes, I remember the anticipation of waiting for those Christmas specials to come on TV. That was a big part of the fun: the anticipation!


  8. That globe offers endless possibilities for decorating, doesn’t it?! SUCH fun–and I bet it got you in the spirit of Christmas very nicely. Now I have the music from the Christmas version of Snoopy and the Red Baron in my head!


    • Don’t you love that music?

      Decorating the snow globe did bring on the Christmas spirit. It’s dark and raining today, too and that really makes it feel like winter is here…and so it is. The solstice has arrived.


  9. Oh what fun it is to ride in my christmas haaa-at sleigh hey!

    That’s too cute, you’re a genius! Love it the first go and even more now. Isn’t that ‘snow in a can’ perfect? That little scarf was cut out of the inside salvage edge of a vintage house coat, LOL. I’m tickled that you’ve kept it and used it again (((( you’re the dearest )))
    One of my favourite Christmas movies is the one with the kid and his BB-gun and the leg lamp. The name escapes me now. But I also never, NEVER miss ‘The Apartment’ with Jack Lemon and a very young Shirley McClaine. The other characters are like a who’s who of Hollywood in the 60’s, including Fred McMurray as the rotten boss and David White (Darren’s boss in BeWitched). Jack Lemon is just so totally brilliant in it. I think it won several Oscars that year.

    Mouse should be in the movies! He’s such a character, what a nut (cute nut) xoxo K


    • Is that where the scarf came from?! Oh what a great story. I must remember to incorporate that into next year’s snow globe post. You are so clever.

      I loved all the treasure you gave me for that first year’s globe and can hardly believe it has been two years. Crazy! The little igloo is on our tree, along with a gift topper from you of a bird in an aqua nest and the glass garden tool ornament from, I think, last year.

      Oh the memories.

      I think the movie you are referring to is Home Alone. I had forgotten about ‘The Apartment’, and should see if we can stream it through Hulu. We watched White Christmas last Friday. It’s been years. Such a magical time for movies.

      Yes, Mouse is one crazy character, that is for sure.

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  10. oh guess what? That movie is called ‘A Christmas Story’ (do you remember Val from Nikita land posted about it once?). Here’s the link,

    It’s set in the 1950’s and really cute story.

    You’re tree sounds like a trip down memory lane. My house is looking rather bare this year. But since we’re going away, I didn’t want to have to rush to undecorated after Christmas. I’ve put your parcel under the tree though and we plug in the tree every night. I hope you get your gifts before the 25th. I mailed it last Thursday and they said 4 days. I’m so late on everything this Christmas.

    It’s awesome you’re motoring around on only one crutch. Are you going to physio since your recovery? I worked late tonight and then tomorrow and then I’m off for 3 days! wahooooo! xoxox

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    • Oh! I vaguely remember that now. I clicked over to your link, and from there clicked to the movie link. I’m going to see if we can download it tonight. Thanks for the tip.

      We’ve connected on FB so you know your package arrived. I can’t wait for Christmas morning.

      When do you leave for your holiday? It will be so good for you to have a complete break from your busy work schedule. Maybe they will find a guest blogger for Kelly’s Korner so you can really relax.

      Good point about un-decorating the tree and the kitties.

      I wish I was in physio, but when I asked, she said walking and the stretches I’m doing now are my physio. When I see her in early January, we’ll reevaluate. I’ve been overdoing it a bit and end up tired with a swollen foot, so I guess it will just take some time. Blah blah blah. What a complainer. Love you!

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