Squirrels Stop by For Lunch and That Strange Polldaddy Link

How’s that for a catchy title, eh?

Before I get to the cute squirrel photos, I wanted to thank Lisa and Kelly for pointing out the odd polldaddy url. It started showing up in front of posted comments. Weird.

Originally I ignored it. These things tend to pop up now and then, then disappear without notice.  Who am I to question why. This odd feature however refused to budge.

I contacted the WordPress Help team, and here’s what they had to say:

We’re aware of this issue and our developers are working on a fix! The URL is related to the Ratings feature being enabled in comments. A recent update has broken this link. If you’d like to avoid seeing this, you can disable ratings. Otherwise, our developers are already on it!

If this shows up on your own blog comments, know that a fix is under way.

Now on to the cute squirrel shots.

I asked one of the boys to strategically locate three tiny pumpkins from my Halloween display to the top of my garden bench. I knew the squirrels would enjoy the treat. The top of the bench gave me a front row seat to their cuteness.

Indoor Halloween Display

Back in October, three small pumpkins were part of a display

squirrel chewing on pumpkin


I love the way she/he’s holding on to the curled stem.

squirrel eating pumpkin 2

Double Yum!

Plump and happy, a bit like me after spending six weeks on the couch while helping myself to Hershey’s Kisses.


I had my six-week follow-up with my doctor this week. She’s delighted with my progress! I am free of the cast at night, but will continue to wear the surgical boot/brace by day. I’ve also started to walk with crutches. She wants me to continue the exercises and to begin to put about 25% of my weight on the foot. It’s painful to walk, but necessary for healing, so I’m following orders and looking forward to continued healing. I’ll be on crutches for two to three weeks, and if all continues to go well, I’ll be back in real shoes by early next year.

25 thoughts on “Squirrels Stop by For Lunch and That Strange Polldaddy Link

  1. So glad it was nothing evil, the url. I don’t want to worry about my blog being hacked!! And very glad to hear your foot is healing on a good schedule. Soon you’ll be out and about again. My computer is having some sort of fit and refusing pic’s so I’ll have to visit again to see the cute little squirrels…


    • It is worrisome. I’ve had the odd thing happen and quickly changed my password. Interestingly, the first person I chatted with had no idea what I was talking about. I left for a doctor’s appointment, then started a new chat later today and that’s when she shared. So it must be newly discovered.

      Sorry to hear about the computer problems. Sometimes it’s like dealing with a temperamental boss…or child.


  2. Good news about your foot ~ yay to you for doing all the right things, no matter how much you wanted to push things forward!
    I love the squirrel pictures. I know they are pests to so many but as we don’t have them I can enjoy their cuteness with you. Now, can I give you some possums? They have been eating our vine, which by now should be rampant enough to keep our back room nice and cool. 😦


    • Thank you, Anne. I did a bit of walking today so I’m tired, but my foot is still attached so I’m none the worse for wear.

      I’m sorry to hear that your possums are destroying your vine. We have possums too, but I’ve heard your variety are much bigger. Ours mostly eat bugs and snails and don’t seem to bother the vegetation at all.

      The squirrels can also be destructive but I love all animals and feel we’ve encroached so much on their world. Best of luck with your vine. Can you spray it with pepper to dissuade them?


  3. Well it is good to have that polldaddy problem explained! I didn’t mention it as I assumed it was just me. I still have that sideways movement of text happening on your blog from time to time and have become so used to it happening I don’t think about it any more.

    Very cute squirrel photos and really good news about your foot and your healing rate – I’ll bet you are ready to go for a hike up your hills just as soon as you are given the all clear!!

    I have a lovely card on my dresser and two little sweet smelling packages under the tree from you 🙂 ‘m saving them for Christmas day xoxo


    • Ogee, slowing down for the holidays has been good. I’ve also had wonderful help too, from friends taking me to appointments and to the post office, my sons when home and my wonderful husband who cooks and waits on me and helps me to and from the car. Aside from the pain and the inconvenience, I’ve had it pretty good.

      Off to the races. Gosh that sounds wonderful. I’m going to go get my sneakers ready. xox

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What a smart idea to put something out that the squirrels can’t resist and keep a camera sitting there handy. I’m sorry about the physical therapy. It’s hard to do and sometime they push too hard. Don’t let them. Easy going is always better. I’m wishing you the speediest recovery. Giant hugs.


  5. Continued healing, dear Alys! I’m happy to hear that you are making such good progress. Such cute photos. How fun to have live entertainment just for you! Warm hugs, Alys! ♡


  6. I’m so pleased to hear that the cast is off and physiotherapist is underway – unpleasant, but necessary and at least you’ll be more mobile for Christmas. Such adorable squirrel pics, I love the cute way he is clutching the pumpkin stalk!


    • Thank you! It feels good to be increasing my mobility each day. I attended a Christmas party over the weekend and had a really nice time. My lovely host parked me in a choice spot near the tree and friends made the rounds all night. Great fun and wonderful to be out and about.


  7. I love the squirrels! I don’t understand people who see them simply as rodents! And what good news about your healing–have you been dreaming about running and jumping and playing?


    • I agree. I think squirrels are adorable. Honestly I should them a Christmas card with my thanks for the free entertainment all year long.

      Not dreaming about running, but I did dream that I was walking up a hill distributing clothes for the less fortunate. Weird dream, eh?


  8. Oh my good gracious, those squirrel photo’s are just precious! I love how she’s holding the stem too with her teeny tiny paw. It’s just her size too! gah…..more squirrel paparazzi please xoxox
    Good to know that you weren’t having a WP virus issue, thanks for the heads up too. Sorry to hear that walking is such a pain still, but as you say “necessity to recovery” I think I’d go celebrate and buy a fantastic and indulgent pair of shoes at the end of your recovery. You deserve it and hey, go for 2 pairs!!! To the moon and back xoxoxox k


    • Thank you for all your visits on this day. I have a nice little column of aqua Boomdee Gravatars all lined up in a pretty ribbon of you.

      I love how she’s holding that stem too. There little “hands” are my favorite, with that soft, bushy tale a close second.

      Yeah, that WP thing is still hanging around, even after I disabled ratings. Weird. At least I can stop worrying about it.

      I love the idea of indulging in a fun pair of shoes. I over did things on Saturday and my foot swelled up and turned a funny purple. I backed off and now it’s looking better. I can use one crutch already instead of two, but because the boot is different from the opposing shoe, it ends up hurting my hip on the left side. I’ve got that looping, one-sided thing going on. I’m getting closer each day. Stay tuned for the shoe post! Oh, how you inspire me so. To the moon…and the show store. xox

      Liked by 1 person

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