Birds of Wisdom: A bit of Goofing Off

DSC_0017I’ve been working extra hours these past few weeks, so when my client called to cancel this morning, I was (mostly) relieved.  I decided to treat myself to a much-needed thirty minutes of goofing off.  I sat in a chair facing the garden, played a game on my phone and within minutes had a sleeping cat on my lap.

It wasn’t long before my eyes drifted out to the usual wildlife antics.  Foraging squirrels raced around the garden, so round and full I’m amazed they can still move.   It looked as though they were working as a team.  You don’t see that every day! It’s usually ‘every squirrel for themselves.’  The light grey squirrel moved across the lawn, into the shrubs and then used the camellia trellis like a ladder.  I should have jumped up for the camera then, but I was busy goofing off.  Right behind him was a dark, brown squirrel, following his every move. It looked like a game of follow the leader.

Just  outside the window, a small bird flew from branch to branch in the maple tree.  Then he turned and appeared to be looking in the window.  How could I ignore an invitation like that!?

Camera in hand, it was still incredibly challenging getting his picture.  He darted from branch to branch, up, down, back up.  Then he flew to the neighboring yard, and within minutes was back again.  Perhaps he could see his own reflection, though he never went for the window.*

I’ve decided he was keeping an eye on me, making sure I stuck to my goofing-off schedule before getting back to work.  Meanwhile, he was keeping plenty busy for both of us.

Are you taking some time to goof-off during this hectic season?

*It’s disheartening to hear a bird fly into a closed window. One theory is that the sky reflects in the glass, and to the bird thinks it can fly through. These clever decals Window Alert: Protect Your Songbirds act as a ‘stoplight’ for the birds.


13 thoughts on “Birds of Wisdom: A bit of Goofing Off

    • One of the many joys of blogging is learning other expressions, isn’t it? I’m always learning knew expressions and love that.

      Goofing off can be a positive or a negative (as in the teacher doesn’t like it when you goof off in class). For me, it’s time to relax and do nothing productive, always a challenge for me. I’m a doer…so it’s good to let go, put my feet up and relax. And as you can see by the photo, it didn’t last long. That said, how enjoyable to see this little visitor at my window. I got to share with all of you.


  1. Sounds great Alys and well deserved, Bravo for taking some time to yourself. Your garden is such a nice retreat for you and all the critters in the neighbourhood (including Monsieur M xo). I get so excited when I see a squirrel. They’re so wonderfully animated, gathering, chirping and hopping branch to branch. They seem to utterly enjoy every moment of the day, I love that. If we’re in the valley and see a squirrel, we always stop to enjoy his action.

    You’ve captured a perfect photo of your feathered visitor too. He/she is so very tiny. Is that your maple tree? That photo is totally card worthy. I’d love to photoshop it in some way, would it be ok with you to borrow it? I promise, I won’t post without crediting you and giving you a look-see first, I don’t even know when I’ll manage it, but I just love the composition. Did you know (or plan) to have your subject in that quarter of your photo? It’s the magic spot as far as good photography goes, or so I was told in our course. Very special indeed. I hope your day is just as special, big hugs xoK


    • Oh my goodness, you flatter me so. I was snapping away hoping to get a shot of the bird at rest. He/she was in near-constant motion. The light was perfect with the sun streaming through the branches of the maple. As long as I got super close to the window, I could get a decent shot. Otherwise the pictures were cloudy.

      I’m delighted to have you use this photo in any way and don’t feel the least bit propitiatory. ((((You))) Mwaaaaa.

      As for the composition, I cropped the photo to bring the bird more in focus, so I guess having him/her in the corner was an artistic choice. So glad you like and approve.

      Big hugs back at you. xox


    • Pauline, I’m so glad you are enjoying life and filling your days with the things you love. Some people never develop hobbies or passions and seem to spend the later years in life at a loss for what to do. That’s never going to happen to me! I have a long, long, long list of things I enjoy. I’m already teasing my son about converting his bedroom to a sewing room one day. I want a craft room just like Boomdee’s, and a collection of art supplies just like yours.

      Thanks for your compliments on the shot. I zoomed in to focus more on the bird. He/she really blends well with the fall leaves.

      I saw another beautiful bird today, one I’ve not seen before. I hope he/she comes back soon.

      Thanks so much for your always-lovely and thoughtful comments. I appreciate you more than you know.


  2. I didn’t see the picture at first so I refreshed the page and there it was. :). You are so good at catching those little fast moving creatures. Glad I was able to see it. Yes, today is my last day of goofing off. My sister just left, sister-in-law on her way and will wave as my son arrives. I so love holiday company. My daughter is here baking and learning. I get to sit and read, read, read all the blogs I’m behind on. Yay! Back to work tomorrow. 🙂


    • Marlene, thanks for refreshing the page. I tend to load large resolution photos, that can take time to load. This little cutey was worth it, though. Tweet-tweet.

      I’m glad to hear you’ve been relaxing and reading and enjoying all that good company. Good for you…and them.



  3. Another beautiful shot of this little bird. The effect of the “falling snow” is really quite charming! You don’t give yourself enough credit with the photos you take/post. You have a lot of patience and a really good eye. I’m a bit envious ;0) I used to love to a take pictures, but was never really that good at it.

    I can’t wait to see what Boomdeeada does with this in Photoshop. I’m forever learning new things about Photoshop, as I’m sure others do too.


    • Thank you, Sharon. I’ve learned so much this year through trial and error. Sometimes just moving your body a quarter turn affords you better light. I’ve learned the best times of day, the better light and of course time and patience. I love taking photos outdoors. There is always so much to see, so much changing, even in my tiny backyard.

      I’m envious that both of you can use Photoshop. It’s a powerful program with near-endless possibilities from what I’ve heard.

      I’m looking forward to seeing what she does too….in her spare time.

      Meanwhile, aren’t we lucky to have wonderful creations from her craft room?


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