Halloween in the Fairy Garden

We’re ‘Halloween people.’ We love everything about the season, and find ways to enjoy it throughout the month of October.

While my 13-year-old son occupies his time setting up larger-than-life inflatable spiders on the front lawn, I work in reverse, decking out the fairy garden in pint-sized Halloween decor.  As in the past, I spruce up the miniature garden with found objects from around the house and garden. I admire the beautifully furnished fairy gardens I see around the web, but it is so much fun working with what I’ve got.

So, blink once, twice and imagine you’re a visiting fairy.

Once the type on this page appears to turn orange, you’ll know you’re the perfect size for a visit.


To enter the Halloween garden, please climb the rocky stairs…

battery bridge

…then cross Battery Bridge.

eyeball river

Don’t look down! Eyeball river is flowing fast and furious.

pistachio walkway

Now meander down pistachio-shell walkway (don’t worry, the squirrels already took the spoils).


You’ll see a slinky black cat frolicking in the woods, with glossy pumpkins nearby.


There’s another one! She looks just like Blossum!


Soothing water flows down the waterfall. You can catch a few drops before your journey home.


Did you hear a ghost? She’s shouting “that was the best lavender I’ve ever tasted!!!”

lavender forest

Be sure to breathe deeply as you meander through lavender forest. Lavender soothes the senses, preparing you for your journey home. Thanks for stopping by. Please come again soon.

fairy goddess

Fairy Goddess Stands Watch

halloween countdown

Halloween Countdown: Boomdee Pumpkins

26 thoughts on “Halloween in the Fairy Garden

  1. What a magical time of year! Thank you for the tour through your charming fairy garden! So quaint and cozy, serene and soothing, and just a bit spooky! I loved lingering in the fragrant lavender forest, the soft trickle of the nearby waterfall providing Nature’s Muzak. The fairies are surely pleased with your thoughtful creation!


    • Thank you, CC. It is a magical time of year, isn’t it?

      The garden needs a little rehab after an enormous white big foot (also known as Mighty Mouse the neighbor cat) took a walk on the wild side. Little stinker. 😉


  2. La la la, oooooo! Weeeeee! Oh, Slinky..meow, meow. Skippity-hop….splash, Hey Blossum, wait! how’d you get sooooo small, mmmmm-yummmmm, eeeeek, awwwww it’s Boooooo-mdse!

    WOW, that was fun Alys. I felt like a little ghoulish fairy. I’m pretty sure my wings turned Orange while I was there. All so cute and creative! Have your little friends next door seen it yet? I MUST figure out something soon, Alyster’s been very sleepy lately. Thanks for all the inspiration!


  3. What a darling little garden, Alys, all decked out with my favorite holiday’s themes! What fun! Since I’m not sewing my kids’ costumes anymore (I’d love to, but my boys are 15 and 17 now and they won’t let me dress them up these days), my Halloween decorating has gotten later and later. I still do a Witchin’ Kitchen for the neighborhood kids, and get to don my full witch’s regalia. Your post inspires me to get the boxes out this week, me thinks. Thank you!


    • Thanks, Martha. It is a blast coming up with different ideas every season. I plan a little, but mostly it just morphs as I go along. My boys are also teens (13 and 16) so that ship sailed here as well. (What??? No one wants to be Thomas the Tank Engine this year???)

      Please tel lme more about a Witchin’ Kitchen. This is the first time I’ve heard that term.


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