Pumpkin Harvest, Cousin Shelley

Squash bugs

Squash bugs

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know this is pumpkin harvest week at gardeningnirvana.  The probable final count is ten, 12 if you count Frank and his cousin Shelley.  I left a few late-season fruits on the vine since I’m nothing if not optimistic when it comes to pumpkins.

The squash bugs continue unabated, so I need to come up with a plan.  I want to use the soon-to-be vacated planting bed for my cool season crops, but not until the bed is pest-free.

I’m soaking seeds on the kitchen counter as we speak for peas and beets.  Broccoli seeds don’t require a good soak, but I need to get busy setting them out soon. The first day of autumn in our hemisphere is still a month away. The changes in the air say otherwise.  I hate to miss a good planting opportunity.

In case you missed yesterday’s post, here’s another peak at Frank.

frank the pumpkin

Frank aka a pumpkin casualty

Frank wears his scars proudly, forgiving the gentle gardener for her blunder. Shelley on the other hand has piercing eyes and a lopsided grin, courtesy of an unknown pest. Since everyone loves a good ‘before and after’ shot, without further ado, here’s Shelley:

2013, 08-27


14 thoughts on “Pumpkin Harvest, Cousin Shelley

  1. Shelley looks very pretty after her make-over, but I wonder if Frank may feel a little left out…… Could you not knit him a scarf or maybe come up with a hat for your cooler nights? Then he could be warm and rakish alongside his pretty cousin 🙂


  2. Ah these bugs are making me really itchy!!! I don’t think we get those over here – I hope not anyway! Your pumpkins are so much further on than mine. I have some big Mars varieties growing, Adam accidentally picked one last month thinking it was a round courgette 😀


    • Oh, I’ll bet that’s an easy mistake. One year I had what turned out to be a cantaloupe growing among the pumpkins. It was round and pale yellow and really did a good job blending it. it was so funny when we decided to carve it: is sure smelled sweet!


  3. “I feel pretty…oh so pretty”….LOL. Shelly is almost like Eliza (a cockney flower girl). Except your Shelly is cockeye’d and covered in flowers. Your Shelly might also have trouble with “the rain in spain…….” given her crooked little grin. Alys Higgins does it again! I saw Pygmalion as a live theatre performance and OMgosh, they made it rain on stage…..it was magical. I can totally understand how you would be drawn to all that, you’re so creative! xK


    • Yes, I think you’re right: the rain in Spain would be a mouthful. LOL

      Wow…raining on stage. That must have been incredible to watch. How did they do it?

      Speaking of rain, one of my favorite movie scenes to this day is the number from Singing in the Rain. What an amazing dancer he was and oh what fun.

      Thanks for your dear comments. You always brighten my day.


      • 😀 and you me xo
        I’m not certain how they managed the rain on stage in that production of Pygmalion. Maybe she stood in a trough and it was a line of rain that looked like more? The performer stood on a dark street lit by an old street lamp. I love what they can do on stage. We have the Citadel Theatre here, a terrific venue.


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