Slipping into Friday with a Silly Joke

Someone told me the following joke years ago and it still makes me giggle.  I don’t generally remember jokes, even five minutes later, or I mess up the telling of the joke and give away the punch line.

Since I edit my own blog, this time I’ll get it right. And since you are reading this joke, I’ll never know if you are rolling your eyes, or suppressing a soft groan.

In my mind, you’ve just let out a deep belly laugh, and now have tears running down your cheeks while you call to someone in the other room to come hear this hilarious joke.

Perhaps I should have stopped before that last paragraph.  Now you really have your hopes up. I’m nothing if not optimistic.

A man hears a knock at his door, but upon answering doesn’t find anyone there.

He closes the door, but again hears a knock.

The second time he opens the door, looks down and sees a garden snail on his front porch.

He bends down, hurls the snail across the yard and again closes the door.

Flash forward: Ten Years Later

The same man hears a knock at his door and upon answering it, he sees the same snail on his front porch.

The snail looks up at him and says, “What the hell was that about?”

snail on porch

I hope you’re sliding into a happy Friday.


15 thoughts on “Slipping into Friday with a Silly Joke

  1. That did make me laugh and your photo reminded me of your garden and our visit so double happiness. Are they eating you out of house and home? I just got back from a lite lunch with Jim and a long walk thru the Legislative Grounds which are garden perfection at this time of year. Besides the gardens, there is a reflection pool which helps moms and tots enjoy the weather even more. Their joy and giggles really lightened my heart. I’m so happy you’re my dearest friend. Love Kelly


    • It sounds like a pleasant Friday for you so far. I think I remember last year’s blog about the Legislative gardens. Magnificent. Sounds like a nice place for meditative thinking, too.

      Mouse is on my desk as I type this demanding more treats. He keeps grabbing my hand. I thought you would appreciate that.

      Yes, those snails are something. They made quick work of two plants, munching them down to sticks. They’re mostly leaving the vegetable garden alone, but you have to grab the strawberries fast or they’re half eaten.


  2. Funny! I’m totally in tune with your garden humour – love it! Was going to call out to the other room and tell The Committee, but he’s on a call – he’ll get a giggle out of it when I tell it – your visuals made it even funnier! Does Mouse come into your house, too? Am I right in thinking he is your neighbour’s cat – or have I got that wrong?


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully The Committee laughs as well.

      You are correct that Mouse belongs to a neighbor, but honestly he spends so much of his time here loving us up that we think of him as a semi-permanent guest. Love him to pieces.


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