Sensuality in the Pines

Not all days are equal. You take the highs with the lows. One of the constants, though, at least in my view, is the healing power of the great outdoors.

After a particularly trying day I took a short walk in the woods in nearby Felton. The restorative powers of nature are a marvel. The dappled sun on the forest ‘walls’ inspire tranquility. Conversely, the commingled fragrance of the forest floor, intoxicate. As you settle in, you can hear the lyrical qualities of bird in song, rustling leaves and the crackle of a seed knocked loose from above.

The forest emulates a lover’s embrace with a throaty voice, tender song and a musk of its own.

Sensuality in the pines.

forest floor

Forest musk

forest canopy

Going for a spin

the woods

“Lost” in the woods

hiding places

Hiding places

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park
Fall Creek,  Felton, California

20 thoughts on “Sensuality in the Pines

  1. Your photos are stunning! I enjoyed reading your poetic tribute to Nature and its sensual qualities, its restorative power. I know exactly what you mean! I’m glad you were able to get to a place for a little while where you could decompress, and breathe in some healing energy. Thank you for providing the impetus for me to vicariously benefit from the multi-sensory experience!

    I’d also never heard the term “forest-bathing”, but think it’s perfectly descriptive. I’m going to search for those articles…


    • Thank you, CC for joining me on the journey. It’s been fun gathering like-minded natural loving souls on the walk.

      I generally have my fancy-pants camera along, but I took these photos with my iPhone 5. Amazing how far the technology has come, isn’t it?

      I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately, picturing a lazy Dusty stretched out on your bed and the pair of lucky turtles, one in each hand. Thanks for all you do. If anyone deserves a forest bath it’s you.


      • Thanks for the good thoughts! It’s been a rewarding year so far, with some notable rescues. You’re probably familiar with the “starfish on the beach” story… It often comes to mind.

        While I won’t have the luxury of an honest-to-goodness forest bath for a while, I’m making do with Nature’s equivalent of a sponge bath: Sitting at my kitchen table with my laptop, enjoying a variety of birdsongs accompanied by the splash of our backyard waterfall, watching a never-ending aerial circus of birds visiting our jungle and feeders (oh, there’s the male Oriole, right now!), reveling in the simple amusement of watching a little bird frolicking in our birdbath, letting my mind drift for little stretches of time, my eyes transfixed on the dappled sunlight and swaying leaves….. Until I’m wrenched from the serenity of it all by the blare of a nearby leaf blower…. : /

        Find peace where you may, enjoy it while it lasts!


  2. I almost felt like I was along for the walk, arm in arm talking about the day. You’ve written about it so beautifully Alys, best be careful, Ralph Lauren may snitch it all for his next fragrance launch. Maybe a side career? Were you all by yourself? I’m always a little apprehensive to venture into our river valley alone, even though I’d love to walk thru during the day. Being right downtown, it can be sketchy. Maybe I worry to much, look what I’m missing. xoK


    • LOL Ralph Lauren, eh? That gave me a good giggle.

      What a treat that would have been walking and sharing our day. That was one of the things we just didn’t have time for on your last visit: a hike. Next time for sure!

      I was a bit nervous on the trail when I saw a man walk towards me. You can’t be too careful as a woman alone so I know exactly what you mean. Of course it was nothing, but you still have to be mindful. I was close to the trail head and always keep my wits about me. Follow your instincts, always. They never steer you wrong.


  3. Alsy,

    I love it there! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful sights! I haven’t seen your posts in ages so I went back to google + to catch up. Camp has kept me much busier than I would like. I hope you and your boys are enjoying what is left of summer vacation. Miss you!!!


    • Hi Betsy,

      Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to stop by and catch up. Your theater camp sounds like so much fun. How I wish I could have done that as a girl. I know your two darlings are having a blast. So nice that its a family affair.

      M. is off for a five day Sequoia backpacking trip so we’ve been finalizing details (rental back pack, laundry, final packing).



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