Tulips: Waving Farewell

Our tulips put on a lovely show for weeks. Thanks to all of you for encouraging me to give them a second chance. Years ago I planted a big batch of tulips from Costco and not a single one came up. My friend, Bob, thinks the squirrels made off with them instead.

One of the cool things about keeping a gardening blog is the log. With over a year of blogging, I can refer back to planting schedules, what worked, what didn’t and all the wonderful comments you post.  It takes a village to plant an awesome garden.  I love that.

Here’s what I’ll be referring to this fall when I buy and chill garden bulbs:

Angelique tulip

Tulip Angelique


Planted: 15
Survived: 4
Thrived: 2

I might try again, but in a different location.  They’re stunning, but just didn’t take off.

Tulip 'Attila'

Tulip ‘Attila’


Planted 15
Survived: 12
Thrived: 12

These will definitely be back next year.

Tulip Passionale

three tulips

Tulip ‘Passionale’


Planted 5
Survived: 5
Thrived: 5

Also a winner, the Passionale tulips were the first up and the longest-lasting.

The not so dirty dozen

The not so dirty dozen

I thought I would feel wistful as the tulips faded, but signs of spring are in abundance everywhere. Farewell, garden beauties. Till next year.

Are you seeing signs of spring, too?

20 thoughts on “Tulips: Waving Farewell

  1. How appropriate your blog title today…I’m heading to Washington and the skagit valley to the tulip festival :-). Miss you Alys!


  2. I love your tulips! No wonder I can’t get my garden under control – I have no village! My tulips are starting to bloom but I can’t seem to get the weeds around them under control for very long.

    Spashionista (Alicia)


  3. Alys make sure that the ones that didn’t so good get food when you plant them we had a time with that with ours. I have never dug mine up once I planted them but yes Squirrels love them


  4. Oh also some of them do much better in a pot spot rather than in the ground don’t ask me why so you might try the stunning Angéliqué in a pot . OH and never store them near apples!!!


    • Thanks, Sheila. The ones that came up were in a pot, but only two really bloomed. I still see three our four, but they’re stunted. Conversely, the tulips in the back garden were in two different pots and in the ground and most of them did well.

      Those squirrels are a crafty bunch, aren’t they. I found one rotted bulb in my search today, but can’t tell what might simply be missing.


  5. tulipe au revoir doux, vous êtes enchanteur

    I’m sorry to hear you had such a rotten turn out of Angelic. I remember recommending them. Well, that ‘ONE’ is purdy :D. But honestly, that’s dismal isn’t it? How disappointing. I’m wondering if that package of bulbs was off? Were you able to dig up the duds or had the squirrels snitched them? I tended to plant only what I knew would be reliable, gaps in the garden are the pits and it’s a shame to waste the time, effort and money. Darn hey? Well the others are (were) spectacular. Are you going to start planting Annuals now? I guess we still have a good two months to go.


    • Sorry you have to wait so long for spring, Boomdee. As I’ve watched your weather reports over this past year, I’ve really learned to appreciate how good we have it, weather-wise.

      I think I had a bad batch of bulbs. Several came up but only about half as tall as the one pictured and they never bloomed. I dug up one more in another pot and it was rotting. It broke apart in my hands. They are pretty and I’m glad I planted them. But, yeah…darn.


      • I didn’t know you’ve been watching our weather? You’re a good friend xoK. Isn’t it a disappointment this week? I was out today and it was so cold, -3 C with a wind and no sun. It didn’t help that I wore a skirt with my aqua runners and a jean jacket, HA I just didn’t want to wear winter stuff, I so darn tired of it . I’m pretty sure it’s going to snow again, that’s what they are saying. I can’t wait to have some tulips to look forward too 😀


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