Fairy Garden Fail: Are You Laughing Yet?

Bunny ear with a bit of laundry lint for the birds.

Bunny ear with a bit of laundry lint for the birds.

Some days you get it right and some days things go terribly wrong. Today fell into the latter. My concept for the Easter fairy garden was simple: The merest suggestion of an Easter Bunny watching over the little garden. Perhaps I should have quit with the bunny ears subtly peeking out from the fescue. I completely forgot the cliché ‘quit while you’re ahead’ and kept going. Now its dark and starting to rain so I’ve no time for a do-over. When I downloaded the pictures, they were, well…kinda of creepy. When my son saw the photos and burst out laughing, I knew I was doomed.

So…here is what I initially wrote, and the pictures that don’t quite go with it.

Tiny eggs appeared in the fairy garden today.  I guess the Easter Bunny started his rounds early.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs!

I completely understand.  I started my own rounds by reaching into the bag of tomorrow’s candy so I could do a little ‘quality control.’  No sense making my kids sick on untested chocolate.

So far, so good.  🙂

The Easter Bunny seems to have grown since we last saw him.  Like many of us, he’s suffering from a bit of middle-aged spread.  He wears it well though.  Perhaps I need to wear more pink…or eat less chocolate.

Big Boy Bunny

Big Boy Bunny

Nah. I’m searching the web now for the latest in pink confections..I mean fashions.

Happy Easter!

This little deer found an egg.

This little deer found an egg.

Look left little frog...you're getting warmer

Look left little frog…you’re getting warmer

Bunny ears

Bunny ears!

Cute 'little' bunny with a tulip petal nose

Cute ‘little’ bunny with a tulip petal nose

deer and Alyssum

I hope you’re laughing, too.

32 thoughts on “Fairy Garden Fail: Are You Laughing Yet?

  1. That did make me laugh out loud, then I spied your little deer and frog and went awwwwww. Then when I was just recovering from a belly laugh, Bunny’s comment above made me laugh even harder, oh man that gal’s a wit. I’m high-5ing you for your creativity Alys, I totally ran out of time to do anything creative for Easter at Boomdeeadda (crazy cupcake took over). Luckily, I can use the Ukrainian card and celebrate later…hehe. I like the photo with the flowers reflecting in buried bunnies eyes…very artistic 😉 Have a beautiful day xK


    • Bunny is a riot…and who, more than she, should be weighing in on the bunny fiasco?

      Thanks for the high-5…but clearly love is blind as I hardly deserve it. You have to go with what you’ve got.

      I should post your cupcake next to my bunny for comparative ‘do-this-not-that’ fun. That cupcake is something else.

      How terrific to have so many followers.



  2. Ha ha! Poor bunny really does look like he’s been buried 🙂
    It’s the thought that counts so thanks for the smiles and Happy Easter Dear Alys!! x


  3. Wait a California minute here. Are we typing the same thing before we even read each others messages ABOUT typing the same thing? I’m so mixed up, I just ‘liked’ my own comment. Bahahaha. We’re ridiculously meant to be besties ❤ ❤ ❤ PS. I was at the dentist today, no cavities, yahoo!


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