Mercury News Garden Calendar: An Annual Tradition

DSC_0047Our local paper publishes a garden calendar every January. The 2013 version arrived with Saturday’s paper. The calendar is a single page, always beautifully illustrated, with general gardening guidelines arranged by month.

I hang the calendar on the back of the garage door and refer to it throughout the year. It doesn’t hold any special advice or information that I couldn’t easily find online, but I hang it up anyway and check in to be sure I’m on track.

I used to be a haphazard gardener. My intentions were good, but also easily derailed when my boys were young. Months would pass before I checked in with the calendar again, but I hung it up just the same.

In this era of declining print, I wonder how long ‘the papers’ will stay in business?  Though I enjoy the immediacy of the internet and the incredible access to information, I still enjoy the feel of a newspaper.  It’s fun looking forward to the yearly calendar.  We check the local section for “spare the air” days and my boys check the weather.  Yesterday’s news is great for catching debris when you re-pot a plant.  You can even add it to your compost pile.

Of course newsprint comes from lumbar, so less paper means more trees.  I can certainly get behind that.  Change is both good and inevitable, but as annual rituals go, I’ll be sorry if and when this one is gone.

For a closer look at the San Jose Mercury news Garden Calendar (available, of course, online) follow this link.  Illustrations by Dave Johnson.

One thought on “Mercury News Garden Calendar: An Annual Tradition

  1. What a nice tradition. Lends some continuity to all the years tending the same patch of earth. With the dainty illustrations, it’s almost nice enough to frame for the season. I can see that in a Martha Stewart, ‘yes I really garden in this perfect shed’ article, LOL. I share your concern about the daily papers. Just caught a story on 60 minutes about the daily paper in New Orleans, published for over 100 years…done, gone. My dad read the paper every day, so we got in a habit of picking it up to read our favourite sections. Jim gets several at work and brings the odd section home he knows I’ll enjoy.

    Thanks for the link to yours. While I was there, I also read the scathing report on Dr Oz…I don’t watch his show because it’s gotten too silly with fawning women putting on white lab coats to be his ‘helper of the day’. He used to be more informative than entertaining. Alas, the higher the pedestal, the harder the fall…he’s getting bad press for recommending some hokey diet pills…mmm, I guess there’s still no short cut to slenderness…drats.


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