A Little of This and That

Guess what?

I was out on the deck taking pictures when a bright yellow flower caught me eye. There aren’t any yellow flowers growing this time of year, so it really took me by surprise.  Then I realized little visitors stopped by the fairy garden.  What a nice surprise.

If you are reading this post and you know who the fairies are, please be sure to extend my thanks.  It was such a treat to find those flowers.  I spotted a tiny mum tucked in as well and a few greens.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!!

Flower Surprise

Flower Surprise

Pumpkin Countdown

Last summer we grew several pumpkins.  Four of them were over 40 pounds.  My husband carved one, but they were really thick and not well-suited for ‘Jacks.  We lined the wall of our garden pathway with the remaining pumpkins, and they’ve weathered the months beautifully.  Twice in recent weeks, someone came to the door and asked if they could take one for cooking.  We happily obliged, with a warning to please lift carefully.  We now have one large pumpkin sitting on the wall, with a smaller, autographed one nearby.  That one is just now starting to soften and will probably be headed to the compost bin in another week.  We’ll be down to one ‘little’ pumpkin, sitting on a wall.  🙂

two little pumpkins

Two ‘little’ pumpkins, sitting on a wall

Avoiding the Scale

I know what you’re thinking.  It’s January and I can’t hide from the scale forever.  Time to put away the treats and face the music.  All true.

I’m avoiding the scale that remains on the now-dormant Magnolia.  Honestly, it creeps me out.  We had quite the infestation last summer.  We did a bit of research and got down to business. I ordered beneficial insect larvae. While waiting for them to arrive, I heavily pruned the tree. The inner crown was far worse, so I removed as many of those branches as I could. Left unchecked, scale can kill a tree.


Magnolia infested with scale

Now that the Magnolia is dormant, it’s easy to see what remains. I need to scrape the scale into a bucket, before it takes hold again.

To think I thought putting away the chocolate was hard.

23 thoughts on “A Little of This and That

  1. You are so funny, I have no problem avoiding the scale…LOL but yes, all those goodies will soon be revealed…urrg, the truth will hurt. Seems you’ve initiated a fairy garden folly…neighbours sneaking around with bags of goodies and fairy landscaping incognito…what a gas. I like your autographed pumpkin too, that was a fun way to savour the event. Good Luck with your Magnolia, they are just so gorgeous when they bloom. We admired them in Virginia and I couldn’t believe the scent.


              • I just got back from San Diego last night after a week-end of extreme fun with friends, but with no internet. I stayed up till 3:00 a.m. getting caught up. I drank coffee and ate some left-over creme brule and a half a cookie from my trip for breakfast. I have written two articles for future posts this morning, and answered emails and comments, read nominations and made comments on a rubric for an award that is due today for our organization, California Council for the Social Studies, and sometime soon, I am going to shower and get dressed! In less than 10 minutes it will be noon, and I haven’t cleaned anything yet!!! Maybe I’ll start this afternoon after I walk the dog. 🙂 Like I said, I have opposing characteristics. 🙂 Can you still like me as a blogging friend???? 🙂


                  • Hahaha I was wondering if I would ever hear from you again, be such a lazy girl and staying in my pjs all morning!!!! Around here, pjs are my husband’s and my favorite articles of clothing in the winter – well summer, too. It gets dark so early. He comes home and immediately changes clothes, as he lovingly says, “I’m home, Pie. Gotta put jammies on!” That’s almost TMI!!! What is it about you that makes me unload all these details about my life????? It must be your friendly looking gravitar. Well, welcome back!!! 🙂


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