Happy Halloween!!!

Our temperatures finally dropped to a cool 60 degrees ( 16 C), and the skies are cloudy and menacing. The changes in weather lend an air of authenticity to All Hallows’ Eve. I’m happy for it.

If you celebrate Halloween, I wish you a happy haunting, sumptuous (zero-calorie) goodies, and spooky Jack o’ lantern to light the way.

I’ve had great fun growing, harvesting and displaying our pumpkins.  It’s been interesting peering inside the pumpkins that grew all summer long.  I enjoy seeing what’s been growing inside. One set of seeds has an orange/brown tinge with a white stripe around the edges.  The others are white, but vary in size.  It’s also been interesting to see the undeveloped seeds.  They’re pale and thin, instead of plump like the others.

I’ve enjoyed counting down with you throughout the month.  In case you missed a few, here is the entire collection.  Happy Halloween!!!

9 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!!

  1. When you see them all together like that, it’s easy to see it’s really been a pumpkin parade at Gardening Nirvana. You’re so fast with your scrapbook pages, good going. I was trying to put together a page today and just kept changing it around over and over..oh well, goes like that sometimes. Growing your very own Jack-O-Lanterns has been a fun adventure, thanks for bringing us along.


  2. Thanks, Boomdee! I’ve really had fun sharing the journey.

    I know what you mean about changing pages around. Sometimes you just can’t get it quite right, whatever “right” means. It’s a feeling more than anything.


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