The Caged Garden

It’s not pretty, but it’s working!

Introducing…my winter veggie boxes…now growing in a cage.

Garden Cage


After a discouraging start to my winter vegetable garden where nothing came up, I started over.  To make up for lost time, I bought cell packs instead of seeds. The upper planting box simply failed to thrive. The lower box proved irresistible to the cats:

 “Did you put all that nice soil there for me?

Why thanks.”

Where's the door?

Where’s the door?

I cobbled together bird netting, chicken-wire and steel mesh to create a complete enclosure.  Water and sun can get in, but my four-legged friends can’t. I waited a week before writing about it, but I’m happy to report that Fort Knox for vegetables is holding tight.  I’m not planning any recipes just yet, but I’m feeling a lot more optimistic. Stay tuned!

cat on the garden box

Psst. Follow me.


I failed to include a photo of the Hodgepodge yesterday. Here is the current crop. (Thanks Sharon).

Garden Hodge-Podge

Garden Hodgepodge

8 thoughts on “The Caged Garden

  1. Looks like Fort Knox now, should be ‘good to grow’

    I love seeing the kitties in your posts. They both look like they’re supervising you. Mouse has a funny look on his face. I laughed so hard because he’s like the kid who never goes home. And your cute little Lindy Lu always looks a little bored or maybe suspicious…hehe, Like she’s thinking “What is that woman doing now, can’t she see I’m just sitting here?”.


    • Hee-hee! Yes, you’ve described Mouse to a T. He gets along pretty well with Lindy, and even tries to play with her. She often has that look of disgust in pictures, though she is quite sweet. It just never comes across.

      They love it when I’m outside. No matter where they’ve been in the house, they seem to appear one by one in the garden.

      “good to grow…” Good one!


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