The Caged Garden

It’s not pretty, but it’s working!

Introducing…my winter veggie boxes…now growing in a cage.

Garden Cage


After a discouraging start to my winter vegetable garden where nothing came up, I started over.  To make up for lost time, I bought cell packs instead of seeds. The upper planting box simply failed to thrive. The lower box proved irresistible to the cats:

 “Did you put all that nice soil there for me?

Why thanks.”

Where's the door?

Where’s the door?

I cobbled together bird netting, chicken-wire and steel mesh to create a complete enclosure.  Water and sun can get in, but my four-legged friends can’t. I waited a week before writing about it, but I’m happy to report that Fort Knox for vegetables is holding tight.  I’m not planning any recipes just yet, but I’m feeling a lot more optimistic. Stay tuned!

cat on the garden box

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I failed to include a photo of the Hodgepodge yesterday. Here is the current crop. (Thanks Sharon).

Garden Hodge-Podge

Garden Hodgepodge