Butterfly Sips from the Nectar Bar

I spotted this little lovely on the pansies this morning as I was sweeping the walkway. What a striking contrast against the purple flowers.

Initially, I thought it was a moth, but upon reading, it has the characteristics of a butterfly.  I’ve seen butterflies alight before, but this is the first time I saw one drink nectar from the flower.  How charming!

It’s a pleasure sweeping and raking pine needles after a storm, at least until the blisters form. Everything smells of nature’s musk.  There is nothing quite like it.  Do you think my little visitor agrees?
Orange butterfly

Orange butterfly on pansy

closed wings

PJ’s Nectar Bar at The PyjamaGardener

9 thoughts on “Butterfly Sips from the Nectar Bar

  1. He’s a good looking chap… and I would have thought he was more like a too at first glance. Thanks for the link to my blog, such a lovely thing to do Alys, and it seems such a long time since I had butterflies in the Nectar Bar!


    • You’re welcome. Hopefully others will find your blog and enjoy it as much as I do.

      Our fall days arrived really late this year, but I know you’ve had rain, rain and more rain all year long. Your Nectar Bar will return. In the meantime, what a cool set of boarding houses for all the beneficial insects and bugs.


    • The storm was a mild one, at least here in San Jose. And our four to five days of forecast-ed rain turned into one and a little bit. Oh well. You can see how happy the pansies are. I think they doubled in size since the rain. We take what we can get.

      Thanks for the compliments. Mike actually took that first shot; I took the two that followed. It was a team effort that day.


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