Blooming Thursday: Dark Shadows Waiting for the Rain

Rain is forecast for the rest of the week, but this morning it was bright and clear.  I love the shadow play on the flowers this time of year as the earth maneuvers into mid-autumn. Angled shadows and bright light equal beautiful flowers.

pink cylclamen

Pink Cyclamen

Our cool season plants are starting to bloom, and will continue to flower through March.  Prolific Azaleas and Camellias line the back fence and the side yard, with two more planted in the children’s garden.  I potted a few more cyclamen last week.  Holdovers from last year reemerged as well.



Begonias from last spring are still holding up, but we’ve not seen much cold weather.  They are in good company in the Hodgepodge pot, a planter for misfits.  When I end up with the odd annual, or a small plant in need of relocating, I plant them there.  I love the variety and an always-full pot outside our bedroom window.



California Poppies, white Begonias and pink Cosmos passed through the Hodgepodge this year, as well as yellow Snapdragons, a small pumpkin and a few assorted wildflowers. I’ve really enjoyed the variety, not to mention a dedicated space for the odd plant.

Coming Soon

white camellia bud

Camellia Bud

Abutilon Buds

Abutilon Buds

White Camellia Bud

White Camellia Bud

Fingers crossed that the rain arrives on schedule tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Dark Shadows Waiting for the Rain

  1. Beautiful photography Alys. I feel like I can reach out and touch the Camellia Bud it looks so fresh. It’s great that you can anticipate the blooming of your azaleas at this time of year. What colour will they be? They aren’t reliable here as we are zone 3. I guess in a very sheltered spot? Even so, our winter temps can get to -30 or lower, so I don’t think too many gardeners would attempt them. They are so beautiful though.


    • Wow, you get some cold, cold days! We have White camellias, and azaleas in blush, dark pink and a variegated pink/white combo (my favorite). We’ve purchased them over the years, so some are 15 years old, a few are 7 years old and we have some new ones from this past summer. I love them all.


  2. Wow, your photos are gorgeous! I was anticipating a shot of the Hodge-Podge pot. I love mixed flowers in gardens, in bouquets and I’m sure I’d love your Hodge-Podge pot. Perhaps you will photograph it and tag me on Facebook ;0)


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