Croptoberfest: Plenty of Laughs, No Beer

The clever folks at Creative Memories came up with the signature event, Croptoberfest, hosted annually by CM consultants.  We “crop” in October, a term used by scrapbook enthusiasts to describe the process of creating personal photo albums and scrapbooks.

Not to be confused with Oktoberfest, the 16-day festival celebrating beer in Munich, Croptoberfest brings hobbyists together to pursue their craft.  Much like gardeners sharing collective wisdom, scrappers are a generous bunch. We fill a small conference room at a local hotel, where we share ideas as well as tools.  Seeds of friendship are sown; nurtured relationships grow.  The rhythm of a new season flows into the next.

Pumpkin collection

Created with Creative Memories Storybook Creator Digital Software

Throughout October, I’ve featured a pumpkin a day on my blog as part of my Halloween countdown.  Today’s signature pumpkin is brought to you by the creative spirit in the room.  Thanks to everyone who willingly and graciously joined in the fun.  The pumpkin will soon return back to the earth, but for now it illustrates our joy and camaraderie.

Special thanks to our hosts for the day: Inger Murdock, Karen Phillips, Pam Peters, and Mary Elizabeth Tait and for creating a relaxing and memorable event.

Halloween Countdown

Pumpkin collection signature

Signature Pumpkin (Part I)

Signature Pumpkin (Part II)

6 thoughts on “Croptoberfest: Plenty of Laughs, No Beer

  1. What a great idea! You’ve made such lovely collages and I just LOVE the signature pumpkin. The little halloween owls on the last pictures are adorable too.
    I love popping over to your blog and seeing the countdown – thanks Alys x


    • Thanks for stopping by, PJ! Thank you, too for your always-gracious comments.

      The signature pumpkin was so much fun. Everyone put their creative touches here and there and we all had fun passing it around.

      Do you like to make scrapbooks, PJ? The digital software is a lot of fun. You can use the images over and over again which I love.


  2. That sounds like a fun day and another great way to use all the creative photos you’ve included here. Those three little owls and a branch are adorable. Is that little Slinky anchoring your page? I’ve got the scrapping bug today too. I’m going to re-scrap some photo’s from an old scrapbook I did years ago. Creative styles change and last week, while at the scrap store I picked out a few things. Have you heard of hybrid pages? It’s where you might start with a digital page and add a few 3D elements to it. Very clever people out there.


    • I’ve not heard of hybrid pages, but I love the idea. I’ve also re-scrapped old photos into newer styles, while at the same time ditching some of the pictures. I saved everything in the old days. No more!

      I hope to see a future post on this, Boomdee. It sounds like fun. I know you’ll put your clever and unique spin on it. Can’t wait!


      • Who’s lucky enough to have their own Cheerleader….ME! Thank’s Alys, your messages always lift me up. I used to always keep every single bit and piece of life too. One thing I did regret letting go when I was cleaning up for our move was a shoebox full of old letters I exchanged with girlfriends (Debbie in BC and others). As teens, before email, we’d write to each other when we all went our own way during the summer. (Well they always left town, I didn’t because Dad had to work). Anyways, I read them, laughed like crazy and then added them to the ‘don’t move pile’….stupid, stupid. I think I watched an episode of hoarders and freaked out. I also gave over 300 magezines to the local library and tons of stuff to friends…it felt good to purge but I should have kept the letters. 😦


    • I loved the little embellishments that came with a digital pack called Hocus Pocus. I could spend all my days playing with these new tools. Fun, fun, fun. Why oh why do I need 8 hours of sleep each night. Just think what we could do with that time!


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