SummerWinds Nursery Rebuilds

SummerWinds Acer

SummerWinds Acer survived the fire

It was a sad day for the community when SummerWinds Almaden Nursery burned to the ground in late August.  They’d done business in that neighborhood for 40 years.  The outpouring of support following the loss was amazing.

A few weeks after the fire, the nursery sold what remained of the undamaged plants and pottery at a three-day fire sale, with 10% of the proceeds benefiting the San Jose Firefighters Foundation.  Shoppers turned out in droves, contributing to the $14,000 raised for two of the foundation’s programs.

I learned this week that rebuilding plans are already under way.  The remains of the building are now in a heap.  The lot should be cleared in short order.  As the new building is under construction, the nursery will open an “Enhanced Christmas Tree Lot” on Tuesday, November 20th.  In addition to fresh-cut trees, they’ll be selling poinsettias, fresh wreaths and garland along with seasonal bedding plants.   They’ll have other holiday goodies for sale as well.
Summer Winds Demo

Enhanced Christmas Tree Lot

If you live in the community, please consider stopping by.

SummerWinds Nursery
4606 Almaden Expressway, San Jose
Corner of Almaden Expressway and Branham Lane

Opening Tuesday, November 20, 2012

For regular updates, visit their website at SummerWinds Nursery San Jose  or follow SummerWinds Almaden on Facebook.

SummerWinds Alyssum and Begonia

Alyssum and Begonias surrounding the nursery sign

Morning Glory Vine

Morning Glory Vine growing along the fence in front of the nursery

Halloween Countdown

Spooky Pumpkin

Spooky Pumpkin

8 thoughts on “SummerWinds Nursery Rebuilds

  1. Awesome cheerleading for SummerWinds Alys! Sounds like your community spirit is alive and well. In some way, it would be nice to plan an updated store with a eye to making it even better, so silver lining in what otherwise was so terrible for them. Great close up’s on the flowers too, ‘out of the ashes’ literally. They sure are selling Christmas trees early? Are they potted trees? Have fun at their sale!


    • Thank you! I agree, it will be nice for them to rebuild. I imagine a store like that would have good fire insurance. Let’s hope so, anyway. I’m amazed how quickly they’ve been able to get started.

      The US Thanksgiving is November 22nd this year and it is also a four-day weekend. Many families set up their tree then, or if not, the following weekend, December 1/2nd. So the trees will be fresh cut. We have an artificial tree indoors. Several folks are our block display a second, cut tree for the month of December.

      I’ll probably buy more cyclamens. I can never get enough of them.


      • Sounds so nice, I love the smell of a real tree. Dad used to bring home some giant ones from the road, probably cut from some swampy ditch. I too use an artificial one. I just feel guilty for cutting down a tree, they take so long to grow. Also,up north here with our furnaces going 7/24, it’s too dry & warm inside, they only really seem fresh for a short time. I never have luck with cyclamens, but love the white ones.


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