Is it Safe to Talk About the Weather?

white Camellia in the rain

Camellia in the rain

The presidential election in the United States is two weeks from tomorrow.

So…lets talk about the weather.  It’s the safest subject I know of, and one everyone can agree on.  If it’s raining, it’s raining; if it’s not, it’s not. Right?

If I were a political pundit, I might need to make the case that it rained “really hard this morning,” while my opponent might say “it was really just a trickle.”  Was it a shower or a downpour?  It all depends on who you ask.

Some may say “It was less than an inch,” while shaking their head in dismay.  Others will exclaim, “Wow…we got close to an inch of rain!” while grinning like a Cheshire cat.

A reporter might follow-up with, “Is global warming responsible for this erratic weather?”

“Global warming is likely the culprit,” says one party.

“Global warming is a myth,” rebuts the other.

I walked out my front door today and discovered a cool, wet and long-overdue fall morning. On that at least, the greenest party would agree.

rain drop on camellia

A raindrop clings to the tip of a leaf

rain drop on camellia

Look closely. What do you see?

White spider on camellia

Azalea in the rain

Azalea in the rain

Halloween Countdown

heat map pumpkin

Heat Map Pumpkins

13 thoughts on “Is it Safe to Talk About the Weather?

  1. Finally, a thirst is quenced. Does it smell nice and fresh….mmmm going into my memory bank now, yep, love that smell and sound of a birdie happily singing after a shower. White spiders hanging out on white roses? What a devious little character. I always look forward to a rainy day because I get to use my Mary Poppins umbrella I bought at the show in Portland. For the record, Global Warmer scares the pants off of me and I can’t even watch the stories about the Arctic anymore. Love the Star Trekky Pumpkins too, how’d you do that?


    • It smells nice and it is so clear. We get bogged down in smog by late summer, living in this crowded valley. Yesterday we could see for miles. It was clear and perfect. I hope you’ll blog about Mary Poppins umbrella. What fun. Have you tried a lift off?

      The stories from the Arctic are heart-breaking. We’ve got to turn things around for sure.

      I’ve never seen a white spider before yesterday. Great cover!

      As for the pumpkins, I applied a feature from Picasa called heat mapping. It’s so interesting what shows up.


      • Sounds like you had a beautiful day! Last night ‘The Fat Lady Sang’ as they say in the biz…flower baskets frooze, Even my watering can frooze in the pail. Was -10 C overnight. Time for cedars & pine. Keep the beautiful pictures coming, I’ll need a fix every now and again. I loved that Mary P could fly along with her trusty umbrella! Oh the places I’d go….not to high though, I’d want to waive at you as I buzzed the garden before coming in for a landing. O boy, what would poor Slinky make of that?


        • Here is another comment that went south, so to speak. Maybe Mary Poppins spirited it away with her umbrella. ;_)

          I’m going to remember to check my “unread” section at least once a week.

          Bummer about the freezing cold temps in late October. Will is remain cold through March? I’m glad you have a warm-weather getaway planned. You can thaw out a bit.

          I’ll warn Slinky that you might be flying by.


          • Thanks for reminding me, I’ll have to check out the reader as well. I don’t know how valid their predictions are, but the Farmers Almanac says from Alberta east to the Maritimes will see more than normal precipitation. BC and south of the Rockies will see dryer than normal conditions. Today was 0 and its forecast for above 0 till this current snow may melt. The weather is a mixed bag in these shoulder seasons.


            • “shoulder seasons”…I’ve never heard that expression, but I really like it! I always forget to go back and check on predictions. We have so much more information via satellites these days to predict near-term weather, but I do marvel at the long-term forecasts. We’re already behind on rain, following an extremely dry year.


  2. Ah, perspective. What filter do we see through? Yours seems to be quite clear. Photos are lovely.Love the drop of water off the leaf. I can catch one anywhere I look right now as it’s still raining in Portland. We so needed it. At least the trees and the ground did. You could feel them smile when the first drops finally came down. Love the lily. 🙂


    • Thank you. You always have such thoughtful things to say.

      Photographing water droplets fascinates me. They’re so beautiful, and temporary. I’ve been hearing a lot about Portland lately. I just helped a client who relocated from California to Portland. It sounds beautiful.

      Smiling trees! That’s another wonderful thing to vote for.


  3. Beautiful photos!
    I am in the part of the country where we await the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. She comes on the first anniversary of last year’s freak October snowstorm. I wish we could talk about weather and agree about what’s happening. But I don’t even have agreement in my own house: I’m worried about the impending storm, my husband is convinced that it’s “no big deal,” and the kids think this is “totally awesome!” Oh well.
    Best, Lisa (from


    • Lisa, best of luck weathering Sandy. I’ve been listening to the news this morning and it sounds like a doozy. I’m the worrier around here, too, and my husband is the no big deal, guy. Hopefully together we balance each other out. I would thought it was awesome as a kid too, because for us it was just something fun and different. Those storms take a lot of lives, so do be safe. I’m going to check back and see how you’re doing. I hope you’ll respond to this comment section with an update.


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