Visiting Renee’s Garden

Renee's Carden cat grass seedsI was in Felton, California yesterday, a small, mountain community about 45 minutes from here. It’s also home to Renee’s Garden.  I mapped their address from the packet of seeds and went in search of their gardens.  It was quite a letdown when the address turned out to be a small, nondescript office instead.  Not a garden in sight anywhere.

Although I didn’t bring home a camera full of photos, I learned a bit more about the company.  Renee gathers seeds from around the world, then grows them in her test garden at home for two years, before releasing them to the public.  The seeds are not treated or genetically modified.

I’ve been growing Renee’s Cat Treats Gourmet Mixed Greens for several months for my sister’s cat, KT.  He’s an indoor kitty who loves his greens, and is especially fond of this mix.  I grow a weeks’ worth of nibbles in my kitchen window, then she takes a pot home for KT.

KT eating grass

KT Enjoying his Gourmet Mixed Greens

Renee’s garden is a participant in the Great Sunflower Project, the brain child of Gretchen LeBuhn.  It’s a data collection project that will eventually produce the first real map of the state of the bees. You can learn more about Renee’s participation and the Great Sunflower Project on their respective sites.

I purchased a variety of bee-attracting seeds last week. They include Renee’s Native Orange California Poppies, Dusky Rose, also California Poppies and Double Click Bouquet Cosmos, a summer favorite. I’m going to sow a few seeds now, then save the rest for early spring. Won’t those bees be happy?

Special thanks the Heidi Harris.

Renee's garden flower seeds

Renee’s Garden Flower Seeds

Halloween Countdown

snail hotel collage

Snail Hotel Pumpkin

A. Checking in
B. New VIP entrance
C. Underground parking
D. No Vacancies
E. Putting on weight
F. How it all began

16 thoughts on “Visiting Renee’s Garden

    • He always “enjoyed” grass. However, this particular blend seems to be particularly enticing. He’s like some people around chocolate! It is very satisfying to watch him eat it.

      I used to pay $5.50 at Petco for grass, then I found wheat grass at Safeway in the produce section for $2.50. I thought that was great, then Alys offered to start growing some for him each week for just pennies per serving!

      It was just a bonus that he likes this kind so much more! Since he is exclusively an indoor cat, he really needs the grass. No garden. I live in a condo so I don’t have the option of cat netting like Alys has in her yard. ;0(


  1. Hi Alys, Blossum and Petals here (paws waiving). Mommy said we could use the computer today..meow. Wish mom would grow us some grass because just like beautiful KT, we can’t go out. Mom says it’d be too dangerous? It sure looks delicious, oh mom’s nodding, yes! I think you’ve put a good idea in her head, thanks for helping keeping us kitty’s healthy and happy, purrrs & hugs


    • Thanks for stopping by you two. You are adorable and sweet. I enjoy seeing your lovely little whiskers whenever you make it into the posts.

      Don’t get too close to the frosty windows. I hear it’s going to get downright chilly. =^..^=


  2. Lovely post. I have bookmarked Renee’s Garden website for future use. Thanks. No kitties here but soon I will plant again. Heard they have a community garden across the street at the community college that I will check out.


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