Harvesting Pumpkins: Three to Get Ready


Black cat with pumpkin

Slinky is ready for Halloween

What a joyous day!  Fall is in the air and pumpkins are in my house.  We harvested three orange lovelies this morning, then brought them indoors for safe keeping.  Two have been ready for a while but I left them on the vine for up to the minute ripening.  The third pumpkin was a surprise, in more ways than one.

We still have four extra-large pumpkins on the vine, hoping they’ll turn a bit darker.  Currently they have a peach complexion.  I lifted one of these large pumpkins away from the beds to give it more sun, and discovered a smaller pumpkin had been growing just below.  It has multiple cracks in an interesting geometric pattern, but each of the cracks healed over.  I can’t wait to take a picture and share it with you.  We’ve never seen anything like it.  I’m wondering if the extraordinary weight of the pumpkin above caused it to slowly crack, giving it time to heal as it split.  My husband and resident carver is looking forward to hollowing it out.  He thinks it will look like a star burst.  We’ll restrain ourselves until Halloween.

Slinky near the pumpkins

Do you think she’s waiting for The Great Pumpkin?

The plan is to give each of the larger pumpkins a name on our Wii Fit, so we can weigh them one by one.  Won’t that be fun?

Meanwhile, I’m practicing sitting on my hands.  Every time I go out there I want to harvest the fruit and make way for the winter garden.