‘Big Max’ Pumpkin Vine: Busy Bees, Budding Fruit

Our ‘Big Max‘ pumpkin vine is enjoying the recent heat.  The smaller varieties are leafing out and looking healthy too, but ‘ol Max steals the show.  Max re-seeded from last summer, so had a bit of a head start.  I’m definitely planting directly into the beds next year.   I don’t think the indoor starter plants paid off in the end.  So many of them wilted and died within 24 hours of transplanting.

Will you look at this happy pumpkin vine?!

The Happy Gardener and her Platter-Sized Pumpkin Leaves

Female Flower Setting Fruit

A Squirrel Stopped by for Lunch

Male Flower: Pollinating Bee

Female Flower: Pollinated

Curly Tendrils

It’s a Wrap: The Power of the Vine