‘Big Max’ Pumpkin Vine: Busy Bees, Budding Fruit

Our ‘Big Max‘ pumpkin vine is enjoying the recent heat.  The smaller varieties are leafing out and looking healthy too, but ‘ol Max steals the show.  Max re-seeded from last summer, so had a bit of a head start.  I’m definitely planting directly into the beds next year.   I don’t think the indoor starter plants paid off in the end.  So many of them wilted and died within 24 hours of transplanting.

Will you look at this happy pumpkin vine?!

The Happy Gardener and her Platter-Sized Pumpkin Leaves

Female Flower Setting Fruit

A Squirrel Stopped by for Lunch

Male Flower: Pollinating Bee

Female Flower: Pollinated

Curly Tendrils

It’s a Wrap: The Power of the Vine

18 thoughts on “‘Big Max’ Pumpkin Vine: Busy Bees, Budding Fruit

  1. Wow, that is big! I didn’t have much luck with my pumpkins last year but I had never grown them before so I’m hoping to have more success this year. They seemed to pollinate and set fruit but then died off, should I have removed some of the flowers so they can concentrate on just a few fruits?


    • Did the fruit die off or was it the entire plant? There are so many variables to their success. I know the serious pumpkin growers (the ones trying to grow thousand-pound gourds) remove smaller fruit to allow all the plants energy to go to one fruit on the vine. But under normal conditions, I don’t think that is necessary. I wonder if your plants are getting enough sun?


      • It was just the fruits that died off. The plants get plenty of sun but I suppose it’s possible they didn’t have enough water? Thanks for clarifying about the flower removal. I’ve used different seed this year and changed the varieties from last years to see if I have more luck!


        • Let me know how your crops do this season. Because they are annuals with shallow roots, I think they need frequent watering, but not deep watering. With daily watering, mine will still wilt at the end of a hot day. We have a drip line around the base of the plants, so they get slow, steady water at the roots.


  2. Here it comes-basically there are two methods of preparation:
    1)wash and dry-paper towel will do it-flowers,then wet them with milk, put them in flour and dip them in beaten egg-NOW FRY
    2)wash the flowers as above,then stuff them with some mozzarella mixed with sour cream and spring herbs and salt,then prepare as before(instead of mozzarella stuffing try just a piece of cheese)


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